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a toxic colorless flammable liquid organic base with a disagreeable odor

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For analysis, addition of MBTH (3-methyl-2-benzothiazolinone hydrazone) reacting with PA produces a molecule called azine that is measured by a colorimeter.
A similar result for the effect of catalyst concentration on yield of azine was reported by Hayasi et al.
The Tory leader and his wife, Samantha, topped the annual list compiled by Tatler mag azine.
Tim Martin, chairman, is quoted in trade mag- azine The Publican as saying it would be "commercial suicide" for a pub company to go it alone with a ban.
he Manitoba BUSINESS Ma azine Top 100 continued to show signs of strength and stability in 1989, despite an economic slowdown, particularly in the last quarter, climbing interest rates and tougher, more competitive encountered by many Top 100 companies, the decade closed, somewhat surprisingly some might say, with the majority of the province's elite in pretty good shape.
Time ma azine reports receiving five times as much mail on environmental issues as it did only a year ago.
It was during an interview that Rym did with Tariq for a magA[degrees] azine that he invited her to join the team.
ng he She recently signed up to become o become a a organisatio azine live a on as member of Life Extension - an organisatio helping readers of its magazine live along as they can.
Their experience and quality was better G AZINE than ours, and we knew that before the game but I think Lisbon and Portugal didn't see the best of Everton that time.
Speaking in the April edition of Loaded mag azine, Carragher reveals that being a Scouser makes it almost impossible to switch off when he leaves the training ground.
launch a UK version of Grazia, a title started by Mondadori in 1938 as Italy's first women's mag azine.