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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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A common mistake is to plan a route with only one or two long legs, hoping that one azimuth and straight-line distance will make up for the difficulties in terrain.
Enabled through a new reseller agreement between Anite and Azimuth, customers can purchase the complete offering from a single source, eliminating multiple purchase requests and benefiting from a single point of contact for the sales and installation process.
Azimuth has successfully leveraged its expertise in the Wi-Fi test equipment market to develop its platform for testing this next-generation wireless technology.
His primary finding was a precise determinationof the altitude and azimuth of a knoll on the southeast horizon.
Working with Azimuth allows us to provide customers a complete measurement solution.
As part of the agreement, SpectraLink will adopt the Azimuth W-Series as a key component of its VIEW (Voice Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless) Certification Program, which verifies wireless LAN infrastructure equipment to support enterprise Wi-Fi telephony applications.
A key feature of the FMC test solution from Agilent and Azimuth is that it will allow engineers to test the performance of hand-in, hand-out on both the cellular and Wi-Fi networks, in an automated, repeatable manner in real-world conditions -- a capability never before available in one complete test solution," said Niels Fache, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Mobile Broadband Division.
Azimuth([R]) is a registered trademark of Azimuth Systems and ACE[TM] is a trademark of Azimuth Systems.
Samsung is leading the mobile broadband technology evolution and we're pleased that they have partnered with Azimuth to automate their WiMAX testing," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems.
By building support for the Test Engine approach into their products, Symbian is advancing the testing of converged handsets," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems.
The Azimuth FMC Performance Test Solution measures Wi-Fi performance in three areas that get the most attention from end-users: dropped calls, battery life and call quality.
Leading Operator Employs Azimuth Equipment for Fixed-Mobile Performance Testing
The Azimuth channel emulator also tests interoperability between MIMO and SISO implementations from multiple vendors.