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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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the current in the winding of the inductor is represented by the azimuthal component with a uniformly distributed spatial density -[j.
Similar to the method reported by many articles [30, 35, 37], the ratio of daughter lamellae to parent lamellae ([R]) according to the (300) azimuthal profile was estimated as follows:
Region IV: the wall jet region where the velocity is primarily azimuthal and where the boundary layer whose thickness increases azimuthally, is subject to virtually zero pressure gradients (Fig.
By revealing essential reservoir facies and rock property information, a new Anisotropic Inversion capability within GeoSoftwares Jason solution improves characterization of reservoirs with significant anisotropy and realizes the full value of azimuthal seismic data.
Consistent with azimuthal quantum number l = 1, we expect one angular node in the domain 0 = 0 .
The azimuthal viewing angle was [+ or -] 30[degrees] and the elevational viewing angle was 0-30[degrees].
If O is the origin of the x,y, z axes, (t) the trisector line x = y = z of the positive octant and n the plane x + y + z = 0 passing through the origin (O) and perpendicular to (t), then the tricomplex number u can be described by the projection S of the segment OP along the line (t), by the distance D from P to the line (t), and by the azimuthal angle 0 in the n plane.
Axis commercialised the technologies and workflows the E/P industry needed to undertake anisotropic and azimuthal processing, which subsequently found great utility in fracture detection and sweet spot imaging in tight, unconventional shale, and source-rock reservoirs.
Azimuthal variations of HVNR are presented on rectangular and on polar diagrams for five elaborated points.
For the pipe flow, the origin of the coordinate system is located at the pipe centerline and the coordinates x, r and [theta] correspond to the streamwise, radial and azimuthal directions respectively, however the graphics results are represented with respect to y = R - r (y is positive from the wall pipe to the centerline).
The multiaxis continuous inclination and azimuthal gamma ray capabilities reduce the uncertainty of well positioning, and enable self-steering to deliver a smoother wellbore.
The fiber dielectric constant differs from that of the resin, and the fiber weave presents azimuthal anisotropy even at normal incidence.
For t > 0, homogenous boundary conditions of first or second kind are applied to the angular surfaces of [theta] = 0 and [theta] = [psi] and azimuthal surfaces of [phi] = 0 and [phi] = [omega].