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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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Solar FlexRack met our demanding requirements, providing the most versatile solution with the ability to accommodate varying terrains and duplicate design configurations - reducing engineering time and installation cost," said Marc Lopata, President, Azimuth Energy.
Azimuth Systems provides wireless performance test solutions for network operators, device and module OEMs, chipset vendors, and infrastructure providers.
The angles made by the signal arrival in azimuth and elevation planes at MS are symbolized by m and m respectively.
To finalize plans for the glass-facades of the planned structure, Azimuth also purchased an adjacent property and worked with its architect to ultimately win this deal from a pool of roughly 30 bidders.
Above the housing is a resolver which is used to measure antenna azimuth angle.
The Relia-Bolt will be manufactured to the highest quality by utilizing our advanced CNC precision mills, lathes and experienced machinists," said Len Zaiser IV, Azimuth Technology president.
The azimuth impulse response for a point-like target is determined by the total length of propagating paths, which is the summation of transmitting path [R.
So we can derive from Equation (3) that the needed Doppler bandwidth can be less for MEOSAR than LEOSAR when the azimuth resolution is the same, i.
Troy has agreed to provide Azimuth with bridge funding of up to A$10 million through a convertible note facility, with the proceeds to be used by Azimuth to advance infill drilling and provide working capital to progress engineering and other studies.
It became clear that Azimuth Technology was the perfect fit in corporate philosophy, facility capability and plain, old-fashioned, roll-up-your-sleeves determination to bring this product to market in a timely fashion.
Section 2 reviews the imaging geometry of the TOPS mode and analysis its corresponding raw data properties, especially in azimuth.
the VHF/UHF band, or at higher frequencies (usually more than 1 GHz) with super high azimuth resolution (0.
The Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is the first component in the Azimuth Data Offload and Connectivity Solution Family.
Crewmen, the integrated sight unit (ISU) on your Bradley has elevation and azimuth knobs to adjust the gun reticle up and down and left and right.