azido group

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the univalent group N3- derived from hydrazoic acid

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The controlled decoration of surfaces and design of bio-interfaces are exemplified by the preparation of SAMs containing azido groups on well-defined electrode surfaces for reaction with alkynyl substrates, and immobilization of surface arrays of acetylene-containing oligonucleotides on to azide functionalized SAMs on gold.
Whereas, the phenylarylazide substituent on the 2beta position of the tropane ring traversed into the external binding pocket interacting with the F319 residue on TM6 through [pi]-[pi] interactions supporting the recent cross-linking data demonstrating adduction of aryl azido group to F320 in hDAT (F319 in rDAT).
Catalytic hydrogenation of the azido groups using Adams' catalyst [9] under atmospheric pressure with simultaneous cyclization afforded bimorpholine 1 in satisfactory overall yield (44%).