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nocturnal lemur with long bony fingers and rodent-like incisor teeth closely related to the lemurs

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He's the first Aye-Aye ever to be born in Britain - a major success as the species is nearly extinct in its native Madagascar.
With perhaps "a few hundred" aye-ayes left in the wild, says Simons, this type of lemur may not be the rarest primate -- but local attitudes make it "probably the world's most endangered primate species.
Considered bad luck and fair game in its native Madagascar, the cat-sized primate called aye-aye not only suffers from a bad image, but also is in danger of becoming extinct.
She's one of only eight people nationwide who knows how to serve a healthful lunch to an egret, an aye-aye, and an elephant (and perhaps a human, too).
And whereas all other known primates have teeth similar to a human's, aye-ayes have teeth which--like a rodent's--never stop growing.
Since aye-ayes forage for food at night, they have managed to keep researchers in the dark for years about their living habits.
Natives of Madagascar, aye-ayes can live for up to 23 years and have coarse brown fur tipped with white.
BOGGLE eyes, protruding teeth and a diet of grubs - it doesn't sound like the cutest creature but this rare aye-aye is creating a storm at his new Midlands home.
Kintana, an eight-week-old Madagascan aye-aye, is the first captive bred aye-aye in the UK.
In the past, aye-ayes were persecuted in their natural habitat because they were considered to be an evil omen.
Duke has maintained a colony of aye-ayes since 1988 as part of an international attempt to save the sinister-looking animals from extinction (SN: 3/19/88, p.
14), try out this activity to learn how sound waves help aye-ayes locate food.