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nocturnal lemur with long bony fingers and rodent-like incisor teeth closely related to the lemurs

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The zoo was the first in the UK to breed and hand-rear an aye-aye, one of the largest nocturnal primates in the world.
Just as many people believe that an all-black cat crossing their path is unlucky, the unnerving appearance of an aye-aye (EYE-EYE) can also prompt fears of bad luck.
Misoatra - Malagasy for thank you - is one of only 43 aye-ayes in captivity worldwide.
A pair of endangered Aye-aye lemurs, imported from Madagascar, were introduced to the public Thursday at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, zoo officials said.
Aye-aye, cap'n: The Lakers coaching staff named O'Neal and Derek Harper co-captains for the 1999 season.
It's a baby aye-aye -- the first member of this endangered primate species born in the Western Hemisphere.
But firearms were allowed, more threatening than the teeth of an aye-aye.
It stood less than a foot tall, was capable of jumping between trees and looked like a squirrel with a couple of really long fingers, similar to the aye-aye, a lemur native to Madagascar, Bloch said.
4 Suppose an aye-aye were to tap on a tree branch in search of a meaty meal.
Kintana, a Madagascan aye-aye, pictured, is being hand reared at Bristol Zoo Gardens.
Mamy is a 14-year-old aye-aye, a primitive primate from Madagascar, who joined the famous zoo two weeks ago.
Considered bad luck and fair game in its native Madagascar, the cat-sized primate called aye-aye not only suffers from a bad image, but also is in danger of becoming extinct.
Kintana, an eight-week-old Madagascan aye-aye, is the first captive bred aye-aye in the UK.
She's one of only eight people nationwide who knows how to serve a healthful lunch to an egret, an aye-aye, and an elephant (and perhaps a human, too).