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of or relating to or resembling an axon

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Tau is a protein that stabilizes the structure of the axonal cytoskeleton.
We used nerve biopsy specimens of patients with axonal neuropathy (AN), systemic and nonsystemic vasculitic neuropathy (NSVN) and hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsy (HNPP) (as a control group).
The masseteric nerve is an excellent donor nerve for cases of recent-onset facial paralysis given its close anatomic proximity to the zygomatic and buccal divisions of the facial nerve, straightforward harvest technique, strong axonal volume, low morbidity, and potential for spontaneity.
NCS and EMG tests 20 days after hospitalization showed diffuse sensory motor polyneuropathy with both demyelinating and axonal features.
Bianchi remains in a "critical but stable" condition and it is not yet possible to say if, and to what extent, the 25-year-old Frenchman will recover from his "diffuse axonal injury", where a shearing force has torn tissue throughout the brain.
He has suffered a diffuse axonal injury and is in a critical but stable condition.
He has U suffered a diffuse axonal injury and is in a critical but stable condition.
Expansion of the Global Registry for Inherited Neuropathies (GRIN) co-founded by HNF and Hannah's Hope Fund (HHF) for Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN) (www.
Assessment tools such as the Glasgow Coma Scale, the FOUR (Full Outline of Unresponsiveness) SCORE, the Ramsey Scale, and Grading System for Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) are woven into each section to support understanding of the care needed.
2,3) Examples of primary brain injury include skull fractures, subdural and epidural hematomas, hemorrhagic contusion, and diffuse axonal injury.
He, unusually, improved rapidly in response to definitive therapy for porphyria with haem arginate, even though neurophysiological studies confirmed the presence of axonal necrosis.
elegans axonal cytoskeleton, kinesins, TRP channels and pain, eukaryotic cell migration in the brain, in mathematical modeling, and as a function of microtubule activity, tissue layering in the visual system, membrane fusion with GTP and scission by viruses, gut-microbe interactions, and symbiotic mycorrhizal development.
FA measures the uniformity of water diffusion throughout the brain, and low FA tends to indicate areas of axonal injury.
Editor's Note: The authors remark that, "Ethoxyquin and its novel derivatives as well as other classes of small molecules that act as heat shock protein 90 modulators may offer a new opportunity for development of drugs to prevent chemotherapy induced axonal degeneration.
Sensory-motor axonal neuropathy, which affected the motor component of the upper and lower extremities, was seen in repeated EMG.