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larval salamander of mountain lakes of Mexico that usually lives without metamorphosing

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Unfortunately, wild axolotls are now nearly extinct due to the pollution of Lake Xochimilco.
UnitedHealth/lngenix recently purchased Axolotl and renamed the company Optumlnsight Regardless, the newly branded vendor has 14 live public HIEs, more than any of its competitors, and is making a deep penetration into the private HIE market as well, with eight validated private HIEs, Allphin says.
Using the Mexican axolotl as a model to represent the evolutionary lineage leading to land animals, and paddlefish as a model for the branch leading to ray-finned fishes, the researchers found that electrosensors develop in precisely the same pattern from the same embryonic tissue in the developing skin, confirming that this is an ancient sensory system.
05 Cocker spaniel's restless night; HARVEY 06 He loves beetling around the house; MILO 07 Taking a dip in his red lifejacket; ROLY 08 Rabbit tries to get ball out of hole; WATER WORLD 09 Axolotl shows us round his home; JAM-AMANDER 10 Aquatic axolotls fight for space; CHARLIE .
The eHealthConnect Image Exchange service will integrate with the Rochester RHIO's Axolotl Corp.
The axolotl is in danger of extinction in its native environment, but an effort to revive a green space in the city may help to improve its prospects.
One Mexican red-knee tarantula, three Japanese fire-belly newts, one Tabby cat, two axolotl salamander, several tropical fish - including six catfish, one vampire plec and an eel
The objective of this study was to characterize the biological actions of methoprene acid (MA), a metabolite of the insecticide methoprene, on a developing axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum, and to assess levels of developmental stability following treatment of embryos and hatchlings.
SCOTT, CEO of AXOLOTL CORPORATION, describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Those that don't change, like the Mexican axolotl (AK-suh-luh-tl) at left, just keep growing until they look like big larvae about 38 cm (15 in.
Perhaps the best-known but least-typical Latin American salamander is the axolotl.
Over time, the local transcription services had learned each physician's style, and would even look up an address or name spelling that the doctor forgot to include in his dictation, a capability that was not initially available with the Axolotl transcription service.
a premier branded provider of integrated, multi-media health care information and wireless broadband connectivity, and Axolotl Corporation, the leader in Web-based clinical messaging solutions for health care professionals, today announced the completion of a merger between the two privately held companies through an exchange of shares.
We will work with Axolotl to continue to meet the needs of multiple HIE stakeholders and to expand its technologies that serve health care communities.
Axolotl is based in San Jose and best known for introducing Clinical Messaging[R], now at the heart of all advanced health information exchange.