axle grease

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a thick heavy grease used to lubricate axles

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Two bearings treated with each of the following lubricants were tested: peanut oil, olive oil, motor oil, mineral oil, petrolatum wax, beeswax, axle grease, pork tallow.
BEING a Grand Slam-winning rugby player was less about hair gel and more about axle grease in 1976.
His many inventions include adhesives, axle grease, bleach, chili sauce, dyes, fuel briquettes and instant coffee.
He did so with money he had earned running errands for the neighbors and selling axle grease for his grandmother.
of Kansas who wrote and co-directed the 1999 vid-released feature "Ninth Street," displays his academic erudition throughout, the way he deals with grand historical matters to his archival use of actual products like Darky Toothpaste and Sambo Axle Grease.
The show's organisers revealed that among the bizarre items were a rubber ring, axle grease and Vaseline.
LIPSTICK, a rubber ring, axle grease and Vaseline are just some of the bizarre luxury items selected by contestants on the latest I'm A Celebrity .
From the peanut he made cheese, milk, coffee, flour, shampoo, axle grease, pickles, ink, dyes, soap, wood stains, and insulating board, to name but a few of his 300 products.
Then: logger with a bucket of lard or axle grease who would slop it on a primitive skid road as teams of oxen pulled logs downhill.
There's hair remover, flea powder, axle grease, anti-freeze, engine oil, sheep dip, pigs pills, nail varnish, curry powder, toothpaste and after sha ve.
Derrick Walker, who was once up to his elbows in axle grease, now owns his own team and regularly beats movie legend Paul Newman's team.
The remaining oil, which is the consistency of axle grease, either evaporated, sunk or is being removed from sand from beach area along Vandenberg Air Force Base, officials said.
Some bearings have grease caps that require filling with axle grease.
The inside back surface of each box has been lightly "painted" with axle grease (which turns out, in fact, to look a lot like yellowish-brown paint when pushed around in this way).
He ended up in Dyea, where he salvaged some rancid butter and sold it as axle grease.