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a shaft on which a wheel rotates

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The Model 990 suspension axle is another example of Dana delivering complex product solutions that meet real-world demands, such as combining nimble maneuverability in the field with fast and secure on-road transport speeds.
The E2Nitro system articulates left and right and uses nitrogen to equalize the up and down movement to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping.
Part NSN 3040 Number Item 01-588- HEMTT-A4 Model 95SK340 Kit, brake, 6738 Used on axle #1 and #2 on all shoe & lining HEMTT -A4 models; one kit per EES 1100/600 axle 95SK341 Kit, brake, 6743 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining models M977A4, M978A4, M983A4, ES-600 M985A4, M985A4 GMT, M1120A4, M1977A4; one kit per axle 95SK342 Kit, brake, 6745 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining model M983A4 LET; one kit per EES 1100/600 axle 95SK343 Kit, brake, 6747 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining model M984A4; one kit per axle ES-1100
The truckers had protested the categorisation of three- axle vehicles as multi- axle vehicles, which made them subject to a toll tax of ` 3.
One customer has reported a loss of power to the axle, GM says.
Result: The LandRoller's axle spins less, and the wheels experience less slowing friction.
GETTING SOME SLEEP As mostly everyone knows, a yo-yo is a puck-shaped toy, usually made of wood or plastic, that's split down the middle except for an axle at the center that holds the two halves together.
The state of Washington has a criterion concerning maximum allowable pressure of tire width for steer axle tires and other axles for trucks.
Since starting their shop in 1998, Rob Jones and Tony Macoritto, the two co-founders of Axle System Inc.
With the potential for 50 product changes during an eight-hour shift on an axle assembly line, parts marking for traceability has to be fast, accurate, permanent, rugged, and simple to change accurately.
A labor dispute brewing at Detroit-based American Axle & Manufacturing could disrupt production of the light trucks that financially carry not only Ford, but also General Motors Corp.
New Model FSD-23 Steerable Drive Axle provides customers lighter weight and lower height solution for heavy duty all wheel drive vehicles
1, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- axle Video, the company redefining media management, and Archiware, a leader in archiving and backup software, have partnered to create a simple solution for organizing, archiving and retrieving media throughout the production process.
TRANSPORTPANZER1 FUCHS 2520123584665 axle, vehicle, TO 3