axis of rotation

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the center around which something rotates

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f] Radial distance from the free surface to the axis of rotation r Radial distance of the bubble from the axis of rotation [p.
1 is most likely caused by a misalignment of the autocollimator axes relative to axis of rotation of the artifact, causing the y-axis tilt to have a small component along the x-axis.
Keep most of your body weight on the left leg and be countering the ball so that your spine is away from the axis of rotation.
Parallel to traffic, she retains a centrifugal relationship to the lanes she occupies, strides away from the main, parent axis of rotation,
When implanted, the DART is placed near the central axis of rotation along the posterior edge of the vertebral body.
The wobble in Earth's axis of rotation is a combination of two major components: Chandler wobble, thought to arise as Earth is not rigid, and another is the annual wobble, related to Earth's orbit around the sun.
Errors in radial direction are evaluated according to the value of displacement of the centre of the roundness measure in two perpendiculars to each other and to the axis of rotation directions or by assessing of the Lissajouis figures developed by vectorial sum of the displacements mentioned above [5].
Wind turbines with a horizontal axis of rotation (HAWT) currently represent the most common design of wind power stations for generating of electric power.
In their model, undulating shorelines are a consequence of a phenomenon that astronomers call true polar wander, in which Mars' axis of rotation slowly drifts in direction.
Offset axis of rotation causes a complex pattern of particle movement within the container for an accurate and efficient blend.
1]; r is the distance from axis of rotation to center of the drop gravity, m.
Key statement: A cassette having a molded flow channel contained on an elastomeric sheet that is bonded or mechanically attached to a rigid substrate so that a peristaltic pump having pump head rollers mounted radially from the axis of rotation of the pump motor compress the elastomeric flow channels against the rigid substrate during operation.
First, the incident laser beam was adjusted to travel parallel to the laser table, and the turntable axis of rotation was adjusted to be perpendicular to the laser table (both within 1 mrad).
In a probing routine taking only 26 sec/part, the CNC uses the wireless, micron-repeatable MP9 to precisely locate the axis of rotation of each counterforce, after setup on the rotary table.
Advanced features address and overcome layout constraints, significantly reduce the number of foundations and steel, eliminate stress on the drive components by aligning modules with the axis of rotation and simplify AC wiring requirements.