axis of rotation

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the center around which something rotates

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In the NORMIN method of laser alignment developed by Hamar Laser, a laser that has been aligned with the gearbox axis of rotation is projected onto a two-axis self-centering target that is placed inside the extruder barrel.
During tilting, assuming that the object and end effector do not slip (the conditions for the occurrence of slippage will be discussed later), the pushing point of the end effector moves in an arc about the axis of rotation of the tilt.
r] cosr[eta], respect to the axis of rotation [[delta].
More mass located further from the axis of rotation (larger r) will lead to an increase in the torque ([tau] on the body.
Without diffusion, the volume of the bubbles would increase as they approach the axis of rotation because of lower pressures near the axis of rotation.
Lengthening the axis of rotation or adding fins helps the blimp resist turning.
Seven axis of rotation ensures you always get the most flexibility out of your device.
This keeps it closer to the axis of rotation, which helps check the centrifugal, forces that come with rapid motion.
The method of centrifugal electroslag casting (CESC) with the vertical axis of rotation, developed at the E.
Thin rotors and read heads that adapt to the axis of rotation.
A spinning body, such as a planet, is most stable when its mass is farthest from its spin axis, or axis of rotation.
The code disk is mounted in the center of the axis of rotation so it no longer limits high angular velocities.
The shaft creates and maintains a consistent axis of rotation for the roll, allowing smooth winding of sensitive web materials, according to the company.
4,5) The direction of the axis of rotation is used for classification of the 2 major types--mesenteroaxial and organoaxial-the latter being more common.
axis of rotation is almost horizontal (98 degrees)--Uranus