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Synonyms for axiomatic

Synonyms for axiomatic

evident without proof or argument

containing aphorisms or maxims


of or relating to or derived from axioms

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Axiomatically, the potential for breach is not due to personal mistreatments of employees, but rather due to abandonments of ideological obligations.
In the 1980s, Daniel Fischel and Michael Bradley, in their watershed article The Role of Liability Rules and The Derivative Suit in Corporate Law, assume that the ex ante evaluation of whether a derivative action is "a positive net value project" axiomatically determines whether a derivative action will be pursued.
130) Extending Klassen's analysis, it may also be possible to axiomatically state that every corporeal and theological body contains traces of elements it rejected, whether inside or out, in the sense that every contact made with another leaves its mark.
Tang and Wang (2010) show in an appendix, that the framework, derived axiomatically, is consistent with the economic approach advanced by Diewert (2002) that calls for the price effect to be part of an industry's contribution.
Axiomatically, by virtue of their two- and three-dimensionality respectively, labyrinths as designs and labyrinths as structures raise different issues of liminality, of area and space, and of ritual behaviour.
This passage functions as a hardest-case scenario that Keats places beside the thesis that it is axiomatically constructive to comprehend power, even amid an endless and predetermined defeat.
13) The authority of a figure like al-Tabari is dismissed in the face of the critical regard leveled by a figure like Richard Bell, whose opinions are taken axiomatically.
However, as Akerlof establishes clearly, these conclusions are based on behavioural assumption derived axiomatically as opposed to observationally, and fail to incorporate the 'norms' of the decision makers.
The concept of a straight line is a universal, because all straight lines resemble each other, and the concept can be defined axiomatically, as in Euclid.
But the medium of architecture is axiomatically the physical building, with all its complexities of space and atmosphere, materials and construction.
Axiomatically, democratic governance in Egypt at the heart of the Arab world must reflect the four principal value systems and social configurations that define the Arab world to various degrees: Arabism, Islamism, tribalism and cosmopolitanism.
In the 2009 report of the UN Secretary-General on peacebuilding, national ownership appears as axiomatically good because it is defined as the ownership of something positive ("the peace process").
In my five minutes of summarizing my testimony, I called this, axiomatically, "If you don't play by my rules, you shouldn't be playing with my money.
Nor could they give evidence in court against a Muslim, since, axiomatically, "infidels are unjust" (p.