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Synonyms for axiomatic

Synonyms for axiomatic

evident without proof or argument

containing aphorisms or maxims


of or relating to or derived from axioms

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Axiomatically, treatment 7 (Carbaryl + NSKE + YST) was the most appropriate for red pumpkin beetle management.
There are other questions that come to mind, at least to mine, once I start thinking about the nation critically rather than axiomatically.
And almost axiomatically, high-tech equates to computers and microprocessors.
A school of thought which now draws on both these approaches, always in pursuit of "das Unerhorte," is almost axiomatically inclined to take instrumental writing to the verge of impossibility.
The objectives of this paper are: (1) to propose a method for measuring chronic and transitory poverty based on axiomatically sound indices of aggregate poverty (Sen 1976), (2) to report the results obtained when our method is applied to U.
A fourth feature of the casuist model of moral philosophy is a willing acceptance of moral judgments as more or less probable but never axiomatically certain.
Net theory tries to capture axiomatically the general properties of those things that can be concurrent to each other (they are called "conditions" and "events" in net theory) much like logic tries to capture the general properties of those things that can be true or false (they are called formulas, propositions etc.
Axiomatically, there is great potential in fields of trade, energy and infrastructure development.
It axiomatically assumed a Clinton Presidency and argued 'Is the populist tide going out?
It is assessed that the benefits of this relationship will encompass an enhanced level of engagement; engagement that axiomatically provides more opportunity for investment and market expansion.
For a criticism of originalists who evidently take it as axiomatically given, see id.
Quantizing space-time (even using things like the Feynman path-integrals and such propagators) in (extended) General Relativity means nothing if somewhat alien procedures are merely brought (often in disguise) as part of a mere embedding procedure: space-time is epistemologically and dialectically not exactly on the same footing as quantum and classical fields, matter, and energy (while roughly sharing certain parallelism with these things); rather, it must categorically, axiomatically qualify these things.
It begins with a chapter that examines how ordinary human phenomena tends to be represented by 'theory'--a theme that runs through much of his work--and claims that psychotherapy is essentially a craft, now tending to be dominated by the idea of scientific progress, where knowing more is axiomatically better.
Axiomatically, democratic governance in Egypt at the heart of the Arab world must reflect the four principal value systems and social configurations that define the Arab world to various degrees: Arabism, Islamism, tribalism and cosmopolitanism.