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  • adj

Synonyms for axiomatic

Synonyms for axiomatic

evident without proof or argument

containing aphorisms or maxims


of or relating to or derived from axioms

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Based on axiomatic design, the relationship between FRs and DPs can be described with the following equation
It is feasible that a symbiosis of the proposed theory and Vdovin set theory [1, 2] will permit to formulate a (presumably) non-contradictory axiomatic set theory which will represent the core of Cantor set theory in a maximally full manner as to the essence and the contents.
We considered that it is important to use also in the algorithm proposed in (Yang & El-Haik, 2003), the functional analysis, that is a common design method for both axiomatic and systematic approaches.
Whether the aim is forging a method, even logic (as in the meeting of Aristotle and Euclid in relation to the axiomatic method), or the appeal of al-Tusi's combinatory analysis in order to solve the philosophical problem of the emanation from the one, their collaboration is again not rare.
Ultimately, it is axiomatic that fines or penalties, as well as their corresponding legal fees, are nondeductible under Sec.
The makeup of valuation teams will vary by engagement, but it is axiomatic that before an appraiser can value something, he or she has to understand what it is.
It's axiomatic that relatively few corporations maximize their use of information technology, and tales abound of companies whose enterprise systems were poorly conceived or poorly implemented.
The court found it was axiomatic that the findings of the Board, once supported by any evidence, are conclusive and binding and that no court has any authority to substitute itself as a fact finding body in lieu of the Board.
For as Krauss argues, "in every case of these axiomatic structures, there is some kind of intervention into the real space of architecture .
Delphi worked closely with Ford safety engineers to integrate the energy absorbing system using an axiomatic approach, which separates the design into three segments.
Olson describes the notion of hierarchy as a negative example of the rigid application of axiomatic rule-making over propositional elements associated with a nineteenth-century information concept.
To Platonists, mathematical objects such as sets exist in an ideal mathematical world, and axiomatic systems are merely useful tools for illuminating which statements about those objects are true in that world.
It is axiomatic that the surest way to determine the importance of one's mission in a foreign country is the level to which one delivers the exit briefing.
For Moron's humanist, it is axiomatic that the whole poem will be more than the sum of its parts.
The irony is redoubled inasmuch as Pius's condemnation of "city busting" or "carpet bombing"-as a more calloused era would call it--was totally ineffectual, while it has become almost axiomatic that his condemnation of the Holocaust would have significantly curtailed if not prevented it altogether.