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the study of values and value judgments

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Rather, the dominant conceptual framework for understanding the African-American family has been primarily based on the value system, epistemology, axiology, worldview, and cultural orientation of an oppressive, racist, and sometimes hostile White and Eurocentric society.
Against the current mentality of neoliberalism and art education's preoccupation with aesthetics, arts educators can take this opportunity to shift the discussion of justification from one about practicality and aesthetic uniqueness to one where axiology plays a lead role.
Each researcher has a paradigm that guides the work, a view of the process of knowledge production composed of the basic elements of ontology (nature of existence), epistemology (nature of knowing), methodology (best ways to build knowledge), and axiology (the role of values in knowledge development) (Guba & Lincoln, 2005).
Cultura: International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology 8.
He addresses issues in the philosophy of art through three lenses: metaphysics, epistemology, and axiology.
As a philosophy, orientation, perspective, methodology, axiology, philosophy, or way, general semantics can support the delivery of high-quality medical care.
His most recent articles have appeared over the last decade in the Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, the Journal of Religion, the Journal of Formal Axiology, Soundings, Religion and Literature, Ultimate Reality and Meaning, and Process Studies.
This is a clear description of a Gnostic eschatology that necessarily produces its own axiology, the logic of which forces the conclusion that for a Gnostic merely to imagine, let alone attempt, political perfection in this world would betray the Gnostic solution to the "guilt" of God, unravel the internal logic of the faith, and thus trigger a profound theological crisis.
Axiology refers to beliefs about the nature of ethics, about what we think constitutes morality (Scheurich, 1997).
Tan clearly articulated important considerations related to both professional and Christian ethics yet ongoing discussions of an axiology informed by Christian values will be beneficial.
I am referring to the already mentioned Lesson 8 ("At the gate"), where she will be asked to make a 'statement of belief' and predictably find herself unable to do so, floating between sincere puzzlement and heated self-defence, until she finally establishes the well-known point about relying on the heart, as opposed to the conceptualized axiology in which the unearthly tribunal seems to identify the 'moral backbone' of humanity.
If space allowed, similar arguments could be made for epistemology, axiology, metaphysics, and so on.
com)-- The former NuU Unlimited, LLC, based in Las Vegas, has taken on new ownership: Axiology Aesthetics, LLC.
The research was grounded in a postpositivist philosophical orientation (Denzin & Lincoln, 2000; Ponterotto, 2005), which is consistent across ontology, epistemology, axiology, and methods.
Of course, it is open for a theory with a pluralistic axiology and no agent-centered restrictions to claim that such killings are particularly bad, worse than mere deaths, so that killing the innocent individual would not in fact produce the most good.