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the study of values and value judgments

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It places Gilbert's text under the sign of the poststructuralist rejection of axiologically loaded binary oppositions, in the place of which such oppositions are deconstructed (Derrida)--shown to have no foundation--or genealogically unmasked as being the result of contingent historical decisions that have been elevated to the status of necessity (Foucault).
Obviously we are not to "Islamize" every discipline and sub-discipline that is offered us in the academic market place, for it is an essential aspect of the general Islamic science Research Program (ISRP) that it functions to axiologically differentiate between those disciplines whose mastery is important for the welfare of the Ummah and those which are superflous, or, even worse, intellectual red herrings.
It follows that the association of certain axiologically unmarked elements in the cognitive base of 'MARE', i.
Thus, in a nutshell, as a result of the association of certain axiologically unmarked or marked elements of the cognitive base of 'EQUIDAE, i.
In the process of literary creation, languages interanimate each other and objectify precisely that side of one's own (and of the other's) language that pertains to its world view, its inner form, the axiologically accentuated system inherent in it.
But while they summarized knowledge, hierarchizing the different sciences so as, usually, to culminate in theology, Della magia has "theology," here Love, infiltrate into the sciences as the motivating force for their practice and, axiologically, their valuation.
36) The Midrash, Lichtenstein comments, goes beyond this dialectical reciprocity, stating that "derekh eretz preceded Torah" - not merely chronologically, but axiologically.
Rap can also provide a connective education in the social reality of the Black subclass that can spur political engagement--no mean feat amongst the axiologically impoverished members of generation X.
Axiologically, this means that Islamic science is less utilitarian than intellecto-moral, and hence, the "outer" utilitarian dimension of science is to be subsumed under, and guided by, its "inner" intellecto-moral dimension, and not vice-versa.
12), to consider the "bruttes" or "bestes" as a negative, axiologically "inferior" entity on a scale of being which would automatically put humans in a superior position.
Axiologically, this means that science in Islam is always science in the 'service of Islam.
To put it very figuratively, logical possibilities are involved in a virtual struggle for existence in which the axiologically best win out so as to become real possibilities.