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the study of values and value judgments

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In this inversion of the conventional axiological paradigm, the problem lies in pairing mainpieces like Cato, The Knight of Snowdoun, Henry V and other Shakespearean plays, with Blue Beard.
Regarding the first passage, note that Livingston's I3 seems to reconfirm that his approach is axiological or value-centered, rather than focused on knowledge or epistemology.
This idea also gives rise to eudemonism: it fails to provide the general axiological and metaphysical background for understanding the love of other persons for their own sake which we have recognized as the very backbone of personalist ethics.
Through black philosophy as portrayed in David Walker's Appeal, and Frederick Douglass's Narrative, we see black philosophy functioning as both sentinel and savior: as sentinel, black philosophy stands watch to critique oppressive methodologies that exalt form over substance, and as savior, black philosophy gives voice, flesh, bone, and face to epistemologically driven, axiological, political, and religious oppression.
Stoneback has articulated the axiological element of Jake's eating in The Sun Also Rises and the alchemical significance of eggs in The Garden of Eden.
Not only in these terms, though; the "partition of the sensible" is also executed regarding axiological imperatives and evaluations, as I hope to show in relation to the novels in question here.
As a result, it becomes possible to create over-subjective common axiological spheres that provide with basis for common existence (understanding and cooperating) both for the individuals and entire communities among the cultural diversity.
Traditionally governed by a geometrized logic of concept deployment, transforming the concept of difference into metaphysical bifurcations gave rise both to axiological conflicts as well as ontological resolutions in the form of philosophic systems of "realism" and "universalism.
11) For the Muslim theologians, to whom belief (iman) must be grounded in true knowledge ('ilm), the problem is rather merely that of specifying the precise relation between the two--which is that reason and all the rational sciences derived from it find their role, purpose, and proper place (and hence their cognitive and axiological limits) within the enveloping context of experience, including the "trans-empirical" religious or spiritual experience of divine revelation, or Transcendence.
representing] the distinct unifying cosmological, ontological, epistemological and axiological principles," (35) all of which reflect the force of unity inherent within the universe and therefore within continental and diasporan conceptions of reality.
Relying on the validity of axiological explanations, he argues that a value need not be actually valued to be a value.
The problem of good (and evil): arguing about axiological engagement in science and religion.
As Gerald Prince points out, free indirect discourse usually contains a mix of "two discourse events (a narrator's and a character's), two styles, two languages, two voices, two semantic and axiological systems" (34).
Furthermore, humor implies the open condition of the message and makes the cooperation of the reader essential for the semantic possibilities of the text to be fully realized and for decodification of the enunciative, symbolic, axiological, etc.
Although the ontological view dictates the axiological, epistemological, and methodological orientations of a group's paradigmatic thinking, the ultimate goal or the axiological assumption of interaction is the most evident aspect when we examine human communication.