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the study of values and value judgments

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Axiological proximisation is a forced construal of a gathering ideological conflict between the 'home values' of DS central entities, IDCs and the 'alien' antagonistic values of the ODCs, which occupy the conceptual periphery of the DS.
This theory inherits the third of the above problems with the "My Favourite Theory" approach; in addition, in any case involving significant axiological uncertainty, there is unlikely to be any axiology that that agent all-out believes, in which case this third approach is simply silent on what one is to do.
Furthermore, Moya, Paez, Glick, Fernandez-Sedano, and Poeschl (2001) conducted a study from the Hofstede axiological perspective to explore the associations between sexism and some cultural indices in samples from 20 countries.
May we conclude that after the judgment of the ICJ on the jurisdictional immunities of the State the logical and axiological arguments of the Italian Constitutional Court can effectively represent useful tools, in futures domestic judgments, for a possible reappraisal of the relationship between human rights and the law of state immunity under international law?
In addition, motivational types Stimulation and Hedonism presented lower axiological priority among board members working in stakeholder-oriented companies.
Furthering Guba and Lincoln's work on paradigms, Creswell (2007) discusses five key categories of assumptions that influence qualitative research: (a) ontological (the nature and meaning of reality), (b) epistemological (knowledge and how we know what we know), (c) axiological (role of values in research), (d) rhetorical (how knowledge is translated from thought into language and communicated), and (e) methodological (process of research).
It is probable that not even the leading advocates of axiological relativism are quite happy under this austere regime, but very few seem to know how to answer the seemingly irrefutable argument that the scientific measure of truth cannot be applied to values and ends.
Dominant in his writing is "the movement of blending together into one--in an electric flash--different axiological energies" (123) since the writer aims for "voracious absorption" of the world and "sudden identity-forming joining up with something else" (352).
This implies a shift from the axiological toward the operational: committing ourselves to the task of objectively demonstrating progress toward health equity.
It incorporates axiological dimensions, moral and non-moral, that remain hidden in the standard plea for simplistic integration or scientific reductionism.
With the demise of the isms--these smaller contributory narratives that made up the great European narrative of literary succession and progression--the very foundation of the axiological juxtaposition between minor and major has become much more problematic.
The relevance of a well-structured model of values is also noteworthy since, although the axiological literature has shown different structures for individual (such as personal or work values) and organizational values, there is a lack of empirical research in the PO fit literature using axiological theories applicable to the proper structure of each level of values.
Firstly, the need to draw hermeneutic and axiological principles into the pedagogical philosophy of our business education.
Postmodern axiological education is analysed as a determination of endogenous and exogenous cultural and axiological variables (Florentin-Remus Mogonea and Florentina Mogonea).