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In a study of 66 trauma patients, AM axillary temperatures were correlated with TSH, T4, free T4 index, and T3 uptake.
Our patient was haemodynamically stable with an axillary temperature of 35.
Vitals revealed a blood pressure of 100/60 mm Hg, pulse rate of 120, axillary temperature of 36.
No statistically significant difference was observed in the mean period during which axillary temperature remained higher than 37[degrees]C--2.
In addition to providing noninvasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry and 4-second SureTemp(R) temperature readings, the enhanced QuikSigns monitor offers axillary temperature capability and an improved human interface.
vivax mono-infection with parasitaemia between 250 and 100,000 parasites/[micro]l of blood; age [greater than or equal to] 6 months; axillary temperature [greater than or equal to] 37.
Her basal axillary temperature had been taken on six occasions prior to her first visit and ranged from 95.
o Place thermometer so that the bulb is completely covered by the armpit o Allow the thermometer to remain in place for approximately 7 minutes o Average normal axillary temperature is 97.
The study(1), the first published clinical analysis evaluating the accuracy of temporal artery thermometry in neonates, compared the accuracy of temporal artery and axillary temperature readings as well as the discomfort level of newborns while obtaining the temperature readings.