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Synonyms for axillary

of or relating to the axil


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of or relating to the armpit

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A number of studies have shown that axillary ultrasound (AUS) (with or without FNAC) can be used to identify women with axillary nodal metastases.
For patients with breast cancer, the histologic status of the axillary lymph nodes remains among the most important of prognostic factors.
Studies reveal that axillary nodal metastases also most commonly occur from primary breast cancer, followed by lymphoma, and infrequently from a nonbreast primary site or an unknown primary site (2).
Axillary lesions related to underlying SLE also include reactive lymph adenopathy, lupus panniculitis (profundus), and ectopic axillary breast.
Axillary nodal irradiation is indicated if the patient has had an inadequate axillary dissection, or if there is evidence of extracapsular nodal extension.
Avoiding axillary surgery if possible is important because it can cause shoulder and arm symptoms, including lymphedema, severe pain or numbness, and reduced range of motion, and it generally involves longer stays in the hospital, as opposed to sentinel node surgery.
No, strong consensus holds that on average, axillary temperature is 1[degrees] lower.
Isolated unilateral axillary adenopathy is not an uncommon finding.
Relevant investigations to rule out other sites of malignancy and mastectomy with axillary clearance are recommended.
There are some reports suggest that phloroglucinol enhances growth and rate of axillary shoot proliferation of some plants in vitro [14, 15].
A 38-year-old female patient with history of melanoma came to our clinic for fine-needle aspiration biopsy of a clinically suspicious left axillary lymph node.
Arm edema was more common after lumpectomy plus axillary node dissection than after lumpectomy alone.