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He demonstrated classic Gottron's lesions on both hands, subcutaneous calcinosis in both axillae and groins, and a shawl sign on the back of his neck, associated with a diffuse erythematous, poikilodermatous and sclerodermoid rash, with atrophic skin involving the face, arms, forearms and legs.
BAT typically accumulates within the neck, axillae, back, mediastinum, abdomen, and thigh and is more profuse in the fetus and neonate, in whom it constitutes approximately 5% of body weight.
The lesions are primarily found along the "milk line," where the sites of involvement are anywhere apocrine glands are found, including the axillae, breast, and perianal area.
5-cm) lymph nodes bilateral in the submandibular region, in the neck, and in the axillae.
CLOBEX(TM) Shampoo is intended for the topical treatment of moderate-to-severe scalp psoriasis, and should not be used on the face, groin, and axillae, which are especially prone to atrophic changes following corticosteroid treatment.
Most commonly, hyperhidrosis appears on the palms, but also appears on the face, soles of the feet, and the axillae.
We treated a 47-year-old man who had fibrotic lesions on the left vocal fold and an extensive amount of papillomatous lesions on the mucosa of the lips, tongue, and pharyngeal wall and on the skin of the axillae and buttocks.
The Aurora Breast MRI offers an exclusive precision gradient coil designed to provide a large homogeneous elliptical field of view to image both breasts, the chest wall and axillae in a single bilateral scan, producing outstanding images in both clarity and contrast.
The anatomic sites of involvement include the axillae (most common), groin, and buttocks, and the perianal, perinea
atients with clinically node-negative axillae having neoadjuvant chemotherapy to have SLNB before commencement of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and, if negative, to have no further axillary procedure; while those who are SLNB positive proceed, after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, to a further SLNB and axillary dissection.
Skin of the axillae, groin and neck may be remarkably blackish in colour, thick, velvety and sometimes thrown into folds, in cancer of the abdomen.
Background: Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping with radioisotope and blue dye has been advocated for the staging of clinically negative axillae in patients with breast cancer.