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the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder

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There were well-defined erythematous macerated plaques with few vesicles, fissures (rhagades) and erosions seen over the neck (Figure 1), axillae, groins, scrotum, root of penis (Figure 2), and perianal area (Figure 3).
Weiss and Richards (1994) compared monitor and predictive modes of a single electronic thermometer in contralateral axillae of neonates and found an overall mean difference of 0.
In addition, there were papillomatous lesions with pigmentation on the axillae (figure 2) and buttocks.
A 24-year-old lady presented with asymptomatic blackish lesions over both her ears and axillae Figure 1and2.
Bauer and his associates used the microwave device to treat the axillae of 44 patients during either one or two treatment sessions.
2,3,4) It is characterized by numerous, symmetrical, progressive and pigmented macules over the axillae, groins, face, neck, arms and trunk as well as scattered comedo-like lesions (dark dot follicles) and pitted acneiform scars.
atients with clinically node-negative axillae having neoadjuvant chemotherapy to have SLNB before commencement of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and, if negative, to have no further axillary procedure; while those who are SLNB positive proceed, after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, to a further SLNB and axillary dissection.
The combination of Betadine and powder turns blue-black in the presence of sweat glands, and in 20%25% of cases identifies little ectopic foci of the axillae that might be missed if the target area is estimated without the powder dusting.
The Multispecialty Working Group on the Recognition, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis issued a consensus recommendation on the diagnosis and treatment of primary focal hyperhidrosis (PFH), the excessive sweating that can occur in the axillae, palms, soles, or craniofacial region, Dr.
These lesions, that are often seen in the axillae and anogenital area, sometimes degenerate into painless necrotic ulcers, Dr.
Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lasseur syndrome (GLPLS) is a rare variant of lichen planopilaris comprising of a triad of multifocal cicatricial alopecia of scalp, non-cicatricial alopecia of axillae and pubic region and keratotic follicular papules over body.
Rather, we insert a finger into the vagina to identify the fetal axillae, first anteriorly and then posteriorly.
To avoid irritation, this anhidrotic one should apply to the dry axillae at bedtime, and then wash it off 6-8 hours later.
Lymphangiomas are found most commonly on proximal extremities, trunk, axillae and oral cavity but also may occur on the penis, scrotum and in the vulva.