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relating to or attached to the axis


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However, the basic condition seems to be axile placentation with a simple septum (type 1), from which the other specialized patterns would have arisen, through different modifications and degrees of complexity of the placentas.
Fruits are 5-8 locular with axile placentation and bear one seed per locule.
Axile roots, such as the tap, basal, and shoot-borne roots (Zobel, 1991) in monocotyledonous plants, grow preferentially through macropores, since roots usually only penetrate pores of equal or greater size than their own tip.
5 mm, with 12-15 rows of seeds per locule attached to an axile placenta.
The ovary is bilocular with single ovule per locule and the placentation is axile.
a superior ovary, syncarpous ovary with axile placentation, and capsular multilocular fruits; they are excluded from the Lythraceae by the presence of one or more non-lythracean character states.
have axile placentation, as is characteristic of nearly all Miconieae (Renner, 1993; Judd et al.
Ovary (2-)4-5(-14) carpellate, superior to inferior, with usually axile to intruded parietal placentation, rarely apical or basal; ovules 1 to many per carpel, anatropous to nearly campylotropous, unitegmic, tenuinucellate, the embryo sac usually of the Polygonum type; style short to long, hollow, sometimes expanded apically; stigma truncate to capitate or slightly to strongly lobed, sometimes cup shaped, funnel shaped, or flabellate to pinnatifid.
Ovary mostly apocarpous, superior to subinferior; placentation marginal when ovary apocarpous, parietal or axile when syncarpous, upper part of carpels fusing postgenitally to form complex style head that produces adhesive for pollen transport, with pollen-trapping basal collar and/or pollen-presenting upper crest present in many Rauvolfioideae and Apocynoideae; stigma mostly on underside of style head, often restricted to five chambers behind guide rails, but laterally uniformly receptive in some Rauvolfioideae.
Gynoecium 2(-9) carpellate, but usually bicarpellate or occasionally 5-8-merous, rarely pseudomonomerous; syncarpous or apocarpous, (1-)2(-9) 1ocular; usually axile or parietal placentation, rarely free central, basal or apical; superior, semi-superior or inferior.
El analisis ante acciones horizontales demuestra que se pueden producir redistribuciones importantes de las cargas gravitatorias previas a la rotura de la fabrica, hasta el punto de llegar a cambiar el signo de los axiles en los pilares que enmarcan el pano.
Una vez determinadas las cargas simples, estas se combinan siguiendo las indicaciones de la citada normativa, y se procede a determinar los maximos momentos, axiles y cortantes en los distintos elementos.
Uma vez que se formam as pregas corporais que vao limitando lateral e ventralmente a cavidade celomica primitiva, o endoderma adota uma forma tubular de situacao ventral aos orgaos axiles.
Como la estructura cumple las condiciones indicadas en el Eurocodigo 5 (EN 1995-1-1, 2004) para suponer que los nudos son articulados, sobre el nudo en estudio solamente actuan cargas axiles, cuyos valores en la combinacion mas desfavorable son los indicados en la figura 2.