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the upper angle between an axis and an offshoot such as a branch or leafstalk

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23 times longer than wide that narrows slightly toward the blunt apex, 7-15 by 4-8 mm near the base, solitary or in clusters of two in the axil of small spines on short, usually leafless axillary branches <130 mm long with <15 nodes.
These bundles which did not arise directly from the axil of the rachilla but were derived from the vascular cylinder formed at the disc of insertion of the distal florets were called as sub-vascular bundles (Figure 4E and F).
The flowers of the female tree grow next to the trunk, on the axil of each leaf.
Perfect on truth for steel vernier axil you could easily cut this.
President and CEO Mark Johnston previously founded companies such as Opus, Axil Computer, and Cycle Computer, which all focused on extending the reach and lifecycles of Sun Microsystems solutions.
In the axil of each leaf are bunches of many tiny blue flowers misty blue in colour.
Based on the initial tests performed by Compaq, the Profusion eight-way servers do a considerably better job of scaling than the Axil Computer (now defunct) design used in the current HP NetServer server line.
A similar figure appears on a sealing of Kindiu, first King of Ansan and Susa, found in Susa Ville Royale level AXIl, 6 (Amiet in Steve et al.
The Terix management staff shares a background of many years of experience bringing industry-leading solutions to the marketplace at such notable companies as Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment Corporation, Axil Workstations, Pinnacle Data Systems, and Pyramid Technology.
Females laid their eggs in the stems of alfalfa plants, mostly in 2 sites: the stem node, where the eggs were partially thrust into the axil, hidden between the buds and petioles and partially covered by the plant's pubescence; and in the internode space where the eggs were entirely thrust between the epidermis and the cortical tissues.
In many conifers, but by no means all, the ovule is borne not directly in the axil of the cone scale (bract), as it should if it were a simple structure, analogous to a flower, but on a secondary axis, the ovuliferous scale, itself directly in the axil of the bract scale, as if the cone were analogous to an inflorescence.
Methods follow Hubbs & Lagler (1958) with the exception that lateral scales are counted from the scale overlapping the distal end of the hypural plate anteriorly along the midlateral septum to the axil of the pectoral fin, and transverse scale row counts begin at the scale adjacent to the anus and follow the scale rows posterodorsally to the scale adjacent to the base of the second dorsal fin.
Prune back to a bud in a leaf axil lower down the stem, preferably facing outwards to open up the bush.
This includes pain, stiffness or restrictions surrouding the shoulder and scar area, especially for patients recovering from axil la (underarm ) surgery or radiation therapy.