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relating to or attached to the axis


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situated on or along or in the direction of an axis

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Approach to the Relation Driven Vibrational to Axially Rotational Shape Phase Transition along the yrast line of a Nucleus.
On the basis of known relations of rigid bodies mechanics we found a theoretical solution of the task of estimating strength of short axially loaded CFST with circular cross-section.
The die is tilted by means of four axially arranged adjusting screws in the face of the die which act directly on the flanged collar of the die.
3b), or sometimes square or axially rectangular phytoliths.
Furthermore, they meet the demands of firefighting, irrigation and drainage applications, which require the highly efficient performance of axially split casing, double suction pumps.
Using an ICP-OES with the ability to view analyses both axially and radially would, however, be beneficial to any laboratory tasked with measuring trace impurities; it improves both sample turnaround and increases detection limits (Figure 2).
Figure 1 shows the C- Nozzle dimensions without the presence of axially fitted MDT.
They are arranged in sections on heat transfer, modeling and simulation, distortion and residual stresses, property predictions, quenchants and quenching, gas quenching, hardenability, cooling curve analysis methodologies, and dilatometric analysis, modeling quenching and tempering induced phase transformations in steels, predicting quench-hardness within the whole volume of axially symmetric workpieces of any shape, the gas-cooling of multiple short inline disks in flow along their axis, and the dilatometric analysis of aging in aluminum alloys.
On the other hand, when a cylindrical roller bearing is used, a structure absorbing thermal shaft expansion is unnecessary as the bearing itself can move axially but the high speed performance is inferior to the angular ball bearing.
The patented system is easy to operate, with axially access and three steps to profile success.
Patented recently is an absorbent tampon comprising: a chevron shaped mass of absorbent material which has been axially compressed into a generally cylindrical, self-sustaining form, wherein subsequent to the axial compression the generally cylindrical, self-sustaining form has a diameter of less that about 22 mm, the tampon having an absorbent capacity as measured by the syngyna test of between about 12 to about 15 grams, the tampon being fluid expanding, and the tampon having an expanded width upon fluid absorption of at least about 27 mm.
Since a high filling rate can adversely affect the efficiency of a normal vent with material deposits, especially when processing polyamides, the ZS-EG twin screw side venting unit was an important addition as it prevents melt being discharged while vapour and/or gas are extracted by the axially open screw channels.
The pump package consists of 22 axially split volute casing pumps with double-entry radial impellers and of four multi-stage high-pressure pumps.
seepex has released a new axially split stator, designated the "SST" design, for its line of BN progressive cavity pumps.