axial muscle

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a skeletal muscle of the trunk or head

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We found out that patients who exhibited axial muscle weakness had earlier disease onset ages than those who did not, and a study about LOPD in 54 Dutch patients [27] also revealed that the patients with scoliosis experienced theirfirst complaints before 21 years of age, while the mean age for all 54 patients was 28.
Adaptations for these behaviors include complex arrangements of axial muscles and flexible, elongate bodies without vertebrae.
10, 24) From our study, we observed axial and appendicular muscle responses with a descending recruitment of muscle activations from neck muscles (SCM and PARA) to more distal axial muscles (ES) to appendicular muscles (FDI and RF).
The arrangement of muscle fiber types in the axial muscle of various cyprinids (Teletostei).
Axial muscle (Ax) from the tail was also removed and served as a comparison for fast-twitch muscle.
Evolutionary patterns of axial muscle systems in some invertebrates and fish.
The primary motoneurons innervate extensive regions of the axial muscle and are known to be important in escapes, based upon evidence that they receive a monosynaptic input from the reticulospinal Mauthner cell that initiates the escape (Myers et al.
He was also hypotonic, with diminished muscle tone in the axial muscles, unable to lift head against gravity.