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(of experimental animals) raised under sterile conditions

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(used of cultures of microorganisms) completely free from other organisms

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In the case of fungi, one gram of soil was inoculated on PDA medium and incubated at room temperature for 3 to 5 days, the different fungal colonies that were observed were isolated individually by reseeding to obtain axenic cultures, with different macroscopic characteristics.
Fig 1,2,3,4 showed decreased of Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) in wastewater treatment with axenic and mixed culture of fungi.
Success in the isolation and axenic culture of Anaptychia ciliaris (Physciaceae, Lecanoromycetes).
in turn, presents the effectiveness of bisphosphonate and vanadium-bisphosphonate compounds against axenic Leishmania tarentolae.
Continuous axenic cell culture conditions without vector involvement have been shown to attenuate pathogen infectivity (7).
cajucara terpenes (DCTN, CTN and AAA) obtained from the bark of this Croton species, against promastigotes, axenic and intracellular amastigotes of Leishmania amazonensis.
However, these investigators failed to identify a correlation between microcystin content and allergenicity and concluded that the observed allergenicity was more likely due to lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from contaminating bacterial flora rather than directly from cyanobacteria because allergenicity was not observed in axenic strains.
The use of pure bacterial cultures with high specific ureolytic activities has considerable importance when related to fundamental research but, generally, these axenic pure cultures, represent a high cost for industrial application.
Sugarcane Biotechnology: Axenic Culture, Gene Transfer, and Transgene Expression.
Effect of disinfectants on pathogenic free-living amoebae in axenic conditions.
Axenic culture of Blastocystis hominis in Iscove's modified Dulbecco's medium.
2000), but these co-cultures were simple mixtures of axenic pure cultures of an anaerobic fungus and a methanogen.