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(of experimental animals) raised under sterile conditions

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(used of cultures of microorganisms) completely free from other organisms

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marcescens LBSe-17 axenic cultures, in spite of earlier reports of nematodes growing on cultures of other non-symbiotic bacteria (Boemare et al.
The Koch's postulates, as they have become known, were presented in 1890 at the 10th International Congress of Medicine in Berlin and state the following: (2) (i) the microorganism occurs in every case of infection under circumstances that account for both the pathological features and the clinical course of the infection, (ii) the micro-organism does not occur in any other disease as a fortuitous and non-pathogenic agent, (iii) after being cultured from the diseased host and repeatedly grown in pure, axenic (artificial, lifeless) culture, the micro-organism causes the same disease in a new host, and (iv) the micro-organism must be recovered once again from pathological lesions of this new host.
Vallini G, Pera A, Agnolucci M, Valdrighi MM (1997) Humic acids stimulate growth and activity of the in vitro tested axenic cultures of soil autotrophic nitrifying bacteria.
Mycoprotein is the generic name given to the ribonucleic acid-reduced biomass comprising the hyphae (cells) of the organism culture PTA 2684 grown under axenic conditions--without adventitious microbial growth in a continuous fermentation process.
Axenic lines of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora), a dominant plant species in salt marshes of southeastern United States are being developed from surface-sterilized seeds to study plant-microbe interactions related to nutrient recycling and heavy metal contamination in the saltmarsh ecosystem.
After the axenic plants started producing shoots, they were subcultured, and the results showed that the clone of the previously cloned redwood produced the most clean and viable shoots.
cruzi undergoes programmed cell death during the stationary phase of growth in axenic culture or under nutrient deprivation (Jimenez et al.
A high-tech, sterile, polyethylene ("PE") inner film bag and corrugated paper box with axenic faucet is used as the container for the Hedetang-branded BIB fruit juice beverages.
Upon arrival, parasites were incubated in Diamonds TYM (typticase, yeast extract, and maltose medium) at 37[degrees]C until axenic cultures were obtained.
Leishmania parasite can be grown in vitro as promastigotes and amastigotes in axenic conditions.
The axenic plants produced roots on the same medium and therefore an additional step for in vitro rooting was eliminated [14, 26].
Although research is extensive and advanced for several of these fungi, there is no studies of nitrogen sources or optimal range of C:N ratios use on axenic method for A.