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the cutting head of an ax


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Experts believe the polished flint axe head, which is still in good condition, dates back to the Neolithic period - known as the New Stone Age.
But in the axe head they saw four heavy bands of gold bracelets.
He said: "I found the axe head one night with a piece missing and thought, 'That is a pity', and then the next night I found the other piece.
From the earliest axe head to the latest iPhone, human be- ings have favoured that which com- bines excellent function with pleasing design.
A STOCKTON man unearthed a Bronze Age axe head near his home.
If you are knitting a sweater or chipping a rock into an axe head, it's because you have a mental intention to create a sweater or an axe.
1920 Missouri War Axe Head and Decorative Tomahawk, lot of 2, includes a Missouri War axe head on replaced handle; blade pierced with heart, length of head 8 in.
A A resident of the South of France B A jewelled necklace C A flood plain D A lance with an axe head QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Actor Derek Jacobi was artistic director of which theatre from 1995 to 1998?
But evidence of earlier settlements in the area has been uncovered, including a Bronze Age axe head and Roman and Celtic coins dating back to 30 BC.
After a dozen or so Herculean axe swings all I had accomplished was sinking the axe head into the end of the log so deep that I couldn't budge it.
Essentially, the Handle-All combines the breakdown storage functionality of a trenching shovel with either a short or full-sized handle and removable full-sized shovel head, axe head, pick head, and sledgehammer head, and the best part is that it all goes into a tiny bag the size of a bag of potato chips.
Part of the axe's haft The Bronze Age axe head found near Treuddyn
The attack only ended when the axe head fell off and her assailant fled.
Items include a Bronze Age axe head, Iron Age coins and various items of jewellery and armour.
It is thought to date back to 900-700 BC, on account of a Bronze Age axe head found there in 1988, and, over the years, it has been used asaplace of mediation by 6th century monks, a fortress, a cholera hospital and the first location to transmit wireless messages across the sea courtesy of Nobel Prize-wining Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi.