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the cutting head of an ax


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The Olmec drew ears of corn on ceremonial ax heads (hachas) made of jade and used them as offerings.
An innovative aspect of the AX head is that TDI or a TDI-compatible sixth component is injected axially at low pressure into the mixing chamber through the small piston that cleans the chamber.
8) CLAMP the ax head in a vise and file the original bevel as shown.
With the right hand I hold the heel of the ax handle; with the left hand I hold eight to ten inches from the ax head.
He also learned that he could contain the molten metal in a mold to form a shape like a knife, an ax head or a spear point.
The former, a ten-foot-tall replica of an ancient ax head, was hewn with an ax from a giant slab of redwood and then coated in graphite.
We made a wire-wrapped tomahawk as well--Kris originally wanted a larger "Missouri war ax" style head, but we couldn't find any in time, so had to go with the smaller ax heads from Crazy Crow Trading Post (Pottsboro, TX.
This references the original terms of the island's sale to Dutch settlers--allegedly for two ax heads, some beads, and a few nails--but it also publicizes a notion of "value" that doesn't correspond to what it means in the market.