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the handle of an ax

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SUNLAND -- The wife of a Sunland man who was bludgeoned with an ax handle last summer has asked police to renew efforts to find his killer.
In the men's division, defending champion Craig Toevs of Cottage Grove saw his ax handle split upon impact with the target, much like a baseball bat shattering, during his final toss.
Applying the right amount of pressure on the ax handle is key to a winning toss, Maricle said.
Authorities found a fiberglass ax handle at the scene.
Gaither not only had his throat cut; he was beaten with an ax handle and then set atop a pile of burning tires.
When a store clerk came after him wielding an ax handle, Crawford was jailed.
There are hickory ax handles, mouse and mole traps, leather tool belts, paints, electrical and plumbing supplies, nails, nuts and bolts, and even a miniature windmill.
The friend told him two neighbors were fighting in the street with ax handles.
Getting directions from a cop: ``You only gotta go about two ax handles and a Clark bar down the road.
Before the order was done, Altenbernd and his 7-year-old children had company, two pickup trucks of guys with ax handles and guns.
Attempts to send trucks from the plant throughout the night were unsuccessful because of the mob scene at the gates as picketers wielded sticks, ax handles, rocks and bricks, and damaged vehicles.
Ever since Southern restaurateur Lester Maddox brandished ax handles in the mid-1960s to make the case against laws that prohibit private discrimination, few have had the stomach to question the burden such measures place on individual liberty, much less argue that they impinge on constitutional rights.