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Synonyms for awry

Synonyms for awry

not in the right way or on the proper course

not in accordance with what is usual or expected

Synonyms for awry

turned or twisted toward one side

not functioning properly

away from the correct or expected course


turned or twisted to one side

References in classic literature ?
Wilson was a little startled by her tone, and he turned his head so quickly that his cuff-link caught the string of his nose-glasses and pulled them awry.
Not of alcoholics nor for alcoholics do I write, but for our youths, for those who possess no more than the adventure-stings and the genial predispositions, the social man-impulses, which are twisted all awry by our barbarian civilisation which feeds them poison on all the corners.
19), you will reap sitting, grasping a thin crop in your hand, binding the sheaves awry, dust-covered, not glad at all; so you will bring all home in a basket and not many will admire you.
He generally secures an equal number of syllables in each line, but he often merely counts them off on his fingers, wrenching the accents all awry, and often violently forcing the rimes as well.
He was a dissipated-looking youth with a gorgeous red necktie all awry, as if he had slept in it, and he kept fidgeting and lashing about with one of those little jointed canes.
It may be unbalanced to fly out of England, but to stop away eight months argues that the heart is awry as well as the head.
His head was awry, and he had a one-sided, crab-like way with him, as if his foundations had yielded at about the same time as those of the house, and he ought to have been propped up in a similar manner.
But the indefinable weight the dead rabbits had left on her mind caused her to feel more than usual pity for the career of this weak young man, particularly when she looked at the picture where he leaned against a tree with a flaccid appearance, his knee-breeches unbuttoned and his wig awry, while the swine apparently of some foreign breed, seemed to insult him by their good spirits over their feast of husks.
I had ever before me the old dark murky rooms--the gaunt suits of mail with their ghostly silent air--the faces all awry, grinning from wood and stone--the dust and rust and worm that lives in wood--and alone in the midst of all this lumber and decay and ugly age, the beautiful child in her gentle slumber, smiling through her light and sunny dreams.
When unexpected events cause careful plans to go awry, it's vital to let loved ones know what has happened, and have the ability to call for help if necessary.
The plan goes awry when Kramer and Newman spot Jerry's stolen car on the freeway in Ohio.
In this autoimmune disease, white blood cells go awry and create antibodies that target the person's cells and tissues.
Just when you think all is solved and Zoe is safe, all goes awry and she is once again in jeopardy.
Their plan went further awry when a Mesquite police officer patrolling in the area was notified of the attempted robbery by dispatchers.
This steamy debut novel tackles the uncertain terrain of what can happen when love goes awry.