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Synonyms for awry

Synonyms for awry

not in the right way or on the proper course

not in accordance with what is usual or expected

Synonyms for awry

turned or twisted toward one side

not functioning properly

away from the correct or expected course


turned or twisted to one side

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After one such evening, Hemingway proposes that the gang commits a robbery, and with this act things begin to go terribly awry for the group.
When your computer suddenly slows down or things go awry, do a reboot, Often that repairs the problem easily.
Klotz got shot in the forearm when her plan went awry.
In 18 Trees in an Autumn Forest, Butler combines Klimt-like dots and squares of foliage with stark brown trunks that chop up the picture plane, while the ground is made up of an expanse of swirls that give it the appearance of a geological map gone awry.
The mechanisms behind androgen independence are not completely understood, but scientists do know that this phenomenon sometimes occurs when androgen receptors go functionally awry.
A Utah lawmaker's hearing designed to bash the separation of church and state went awry in July when the main witness turned out to be a supporter of Thomas Jefferson's church-state wall.
Julia Donaldson's The Wrong Kind Of Bark (0778710734) tells of a dreamer who brings his puppy to class and gets in trouble, Tony Bradman and Martin Chatterton's The Surprise Party (0778710688) tells of the Mummy family's party gone awry, and David Sutherland and David Roberts' Samantha Cardigan And The Genie's Revenge (0778710-70X) presents another zany adventure of Cardigan and Rabbit, on a dangerous desert quest to outwit an evil enie.
Set on a revolving stage, the surreal tale of an everyman's curiosity gone awry follows its protagonist through interior chambers populated by deranged characters.
99): part horror, part science fiction and part mystery, Into The Darkness tells of a man and his three adopted psychic kids who have fled a rogue CIA agent and PSI project gone awry, only to find Hunter is able to find them even across the country.
Anne is compelled to discover the story behind the sad words and unwittingly unearths a decades old murder, power gone awry, and a tragic story of broken hearts.
If you suspect something is awry, call store security immediately.
At its worst, General Synod is like a family reunion gone awry, each member bringing her own past hurts, his own prejudices, each prepared to be disappointed again, each believing he knows where the other person stands.
A visit to the block's "Saturday morning house" for a backroom abortion goes horribly awry, leaving Neet guilt ridden and barren.
He argues that we must aim to reveal the ideological error of perspective by creating awry views of the field of identities, much in the same way that anamorphic devices--he cites Holbein's Ambassadors--construct oblique perspectives that dissolve the consistency of the frontal view" (106-07).
And finally we invite you all to grow smarter, by learning more about the complex system that goes so badly awry in MS.