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having awns i.e. bristlelike or hairlike appendages on the flowering parts of some cereals and grasses


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Previously, Awny played a key role in acquiring new businesses for Air Miles.
To deliver on this, Awny has assembled a strong and diverse leadership team including Jacque Le Roux, Yousef Al Sawalhi and Fazil Nazir, to ensure Air Miles continue to provide excellent service to its partners.
Abaza and his business partner, Kareem Awny, explained that the story behind the store is a classic "if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.
C[pounds sterling]We are delighted to welcome RadioShack and Telefonika to the Air Miles program,C[yen] said Awny Ahmed, Head of Business & CRM Development, Air Miles Middle East.
CONTACT: Liz Schroeder, AWNY, 212-221-7969, liz@awny.
Decline in exports due to lack of skilled labor Ali Awny, head of QIZ Egypt, attributed the 30 percent decline in Egypt's exports of textiles in 2008 under the QIZ agreement to lack of qualified labor capable of using advanced technology in production.
Air Miles, the leading multi participant loyalty programme has announced that its top management executive, Awny Ahmed, has taken over the position of Head of Business and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
The Advertising Women of New York presented the company with an AWNY Award for advertising that same year.
NEW YORK -- Moving to combine the disciplines of advertising and public relations in one professional association, Advertising Women in New York (AWNY) and Women Executives in Public Relations (WEPR) announced that, effective today, WEPR is becoming a special sector of AWNY.
Working mothers take a lot of flak in the press, but the fact that over a hundred nominations poured in for a stunning array of successful women in the advertising field - women who have full and rewarding personal and professional lives - this is a true testament to how well we actually are doing," says Carol Evans, president of AWNY, mother of two teenagers, and CEO of Working Mother Media.
AWNY presented a total of 44 awards during the ceremony, 26 in the "good" category and 18 in the "bad and ugly" category.
The brand repositioning work that Harner spearheaded led to the receipt of the AWNY award (Advertising Women of New York) this September for best print advertising to women in 1998.