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lacking or having only very short awns


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Although seasonal conditions impacted on sampling collection during summer, weed seed sampling has been undertaken so far this year at 91 sites in Queensland and 67 sites in NSW on sowthistle, fleabane, feathertop Rhodes grass, awnless barnyard grass, windmill grass and liverseed grass.
Pedicellate spikelets attached to the racemes, slightly longer than the sessile one, male, lanceolate, awnless.
Gavin Calvert attacked Philip Steel and Diane Linsley on July 11 last year after he burst into the home in Awnless Court, South Shields, at 5.
Seed of Purendo-38, an awnless, spring type blue-aleuroned wheat was obtained from the Crop Development Center, Saskatoon, SK.
30am yesterday police were called to Awnless Court where a 28-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman had been stabbed.
Like Atlas, Atlas bmr-12 has white seed with no tannin-containing testa and normal white endosperm, is awnless, and has purple necrotic wound response and juicy culms.
For example, both BT1Ac and BT2Cb have a straw-colored hull and awnless seeds, and BT2Cb also has a white-colored pericarp/ testa.
The first seed purification of Steele-ND was in 2001 at Prosper, ND, when tall, early, and awnless variants were rouged before harvest.
GS-152, PI 634539), an awnless soft winter wheat, and 'Sebesta Blue-3' (Reg.
The rogued variant plants were taller in height (7-15 cm) or were awnless with red chaff.
Purendo-38, an awnless cultivar, was similar in plant height to CDC Teal, an awnless cultivar, indicating that the height of the pollinator source relative to CDC Teal was probably not a major factor in promoting the downward dispersal of pollen onto recipient plants in the field.