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Synonyms for awkwardness

Synonyms for awkwardness

unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training

the quality of an embarrassing situation

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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape

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Wear your awkwardness on your sleeve" is the rule for marketers, especially those hoping to sell to the millennial generation, says Simon Dumenco, a media columnist for Advertising Age.
While Guest employs awkward humor to parody the subjects of his mockumentaries, he also uses it to satirize the form and style of observational documentaries, exposing the inherent awkwardness of the documentary encounter.
Using a vertical format to maximize visual impact, Bishop's take on the old English nursery rhyme captures well the gangly awkwardness of the crooked man.
SHOULD think that any awkwardness would spring from your slight guilt.
It is a handbook that provides realistic samples and dialogues that ca assist in providing clear and direct interaction with people, and helps to sidestep awkwardness while meeting issues head on.
awk*ward*ness noun <After a moment of awkwardness, I remembered who she was.
It describes barriers to parent involvement: parent availability, parent and teacher awkwardness, schedule conflicts, and school resistance to full parent inclusion.
Known more for its awkwardness, Lancia has never been a styling leader.
Cappello points up the irony of her own grateful abandonment of awkwardness in favor of textual "grace.
Well, when [Verraros and another male actor] go down on me, I was still wearing underwear--and Jim is openly gay--but there was still quite a bit of awkwardness.
But it's her facial and body language that unforgettably express the girl's confusion, anger and desire with exquisite specificity and heartbreaking awkwardness.
This is a dangerous idea, and the fact that "everyone does it", does not alter the bad visibility, the awkwardness of the move, and the illegal driving - reversing into a major road.
gt;THE STRATEGY Minimize the awkwardness by explaining how much you cherish the friendship--but that there's no getting past the fact you see him like a bro.
And she's always looked at movement in a kind of clowny way--an exaggerated awkwardness that requires a graceful dancer.
A third possibility rests on past reports that parents of some autistic children are themselves prone to social awkwardness, potentially reflecting autism's genetic underpinnings.