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Synonyms for awkwardness

Synonyms for awkwardness

unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training

the quality of an embarrassing situation

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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape

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Being a native of Palos Verdes, the awkwardness seemed endearing and even seemed to spur on the Southern California crowd behind her.
Beecroft's early-'90s performances and drawings had a raw awkwardness and used her own body fascism (eating disorders) to choreograph the confluence of vicious control and hungry stupor.
Camp'' is a little rough around the edges - Graff, the first-time director, has trouble juggling characters, resisting formula and keeping the whole thing moving forward - but its awkwardness ends up being part of its charm.
Her nearly monochromatic canvases of the early '90s, of adolescent girls who seemed not to know what to do with their breasts, self-evidently concerned their own awkwardness at being looked at.
Banks'' is best when concentrating on Cody's sweet awkwardness with girls.
But such passages of awkwardness are healthy for any artist, especially one who has derived great power from restraint and exactitude.
That proved to be one of the wisest decisions Estes has made, because Sonnenblick's freshman awkwardness has turned into senior dominance this season.
All his subjects are stamped with a stubborn awkwardness of drawing, which is eloquent in effort and dignity.
Domingo and Malfitano made the most of the sweetness and slight awkwardness of this scene, again finding the truth in it.
Ecstasy and enigma have been reined in, and what remains is hypnotic but controlled, yet there persist some loose edges, some prescribed awkwardness, as it were.
Shelby: Awkwardness is a worthy topic for discussion.
Two in five (38%) of the disabled people quizzed said they hide their impairment as a result of encountering poor attitudes and awkwardness.
It's really getting me down and I'm fed up of the awkwardness when he does come over.
VERY BRITISH PROBLEMS Channel 4, 10pm SOCIAL awkwardness is about as British as Buckingham Palace.
Bilawal expressed his awkwardness regarding the scenario associated with the female political enthusiasts in the country by stating that Its 2016 already stop embarrassing us.