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Synonyms for awkward

Synonyms for awkward

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

characterized by inappropriateness and gracelessness, especially in expression

difficult to handle or manage

characterized by embarrassment and discomfort

Synonyms for awkward

causing inconvenience

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lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance

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difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape

not elegant or graceful in expression

hard to deal with

socially uncomfortable

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References in classic literature ?
His forced politeness sat awkwardly upon him, and approached almost to impertinence.
Also, his exterior was peculiar--he moved and walked awkwardly, and uttered his words in such a strange manner that at first I could never look at him without laughing.
He bowed awkwardly, and bade us "good evening," in French accents, which, although somewhat Neufchatelish, were still sufficiently indicative of a Parisian origin.
This wore a faded silk, that had gone through at least three generations, over coarse, woollen black stockings; that, a shawl, whose dyes were as numerous as those of the rainbow, over an awkwardly fitting gown of rough brown “woman’s wear.
Here every thing is art, nakedly, or but awkwardly concealed.
We were still there rather awkwardly, on our feet, in the middle of the sala.
It was in the course of the evening after the scene with the Captain that he joined her, awkwardly, abruptly, irresistibly, on the deck, where she was pacing to and fro alone, the hour being auspiciously mild and the stars remarkably fine.
I gave them somewhat awkwardly, I believe; for, in fact, the sudden disclosure of so important a matter took from me the power of speaking with any clearness, She thanked me, however, most affectionately, for my kind concern in the welfare of herself and daughter; and then said: "I am not apt to deal in professions, my dear Mrs.
To be sure, he had said it all awkwardly, but Rose, who was devout, knew the stately Song of Solomon and as she recalled the magnificent outburst of passion she almost let herself be convinced that Martin was a poet-lover in the rough.
Moreover she, and Clare also, stood as yet on the debatable land between predilection and love; where no profundities have been reached; no reflections have set in, awkwardly inquiring, "Whither does this new current tend to carry me?
She could not comprehend the existence of a being so awkwardly fashioned.
Philip started to run, awkwardly, trailing his club-foot, and then stopped.
He stroked her hair and then patted her awkwardly on the back of her neck.
He was awkwardly silent; he was awkwardly emphatic.
When he ultimately got past my defence, with a jumpy one which broke awkwardly from the off, I had fetched twenty-three so that he needed twenty to win, a longer hand than he had ever yet made.