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Synonyms for awkward

Synonyms for awkward

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

characterized by inappropriateness and gracelessness, especially in expression

difficult to handle or manage

characterized by embarrassment and discomfort

Synonyms for awkward

causing inconvenience

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lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance

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difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape

not elegant or graceful in expression

hard to deal with

socially uncomfortable

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References in classic literature ?
Then he gave Jack a sudden push that sent him sprawling upon the cushions in so awkward a fashion that he doubled up like a jackknife, and had hard work to untangle himself.
He forgot his awkward walk and came closer to the painting, very close.
He found time to admire the ease with which she sat down, then lurched toward a chair facing her, overwhelmed with consciousness of the awkward figure he was cutting.
The pause was becoming very awkward, when Charlie, who possessed all the persuasive arts of a born scapegrace, went slowly down upon his knees before her, beat his breast, and said, in a heart-broken tone
I'll tell it just as the Awkward Man read it, as far as I can," said the Story Girl, "but I can't put all his nice poetical touches in, because I can't remember them all, though he read it over twice for me.
It's awkward to be interrupted in this way, isn't it?
I consider Miss Nickleby the most awkward girl I ever saw in my life.
Pinocchio freed himself from his awkward position and once more began to run in order to reach the Fairy's house before dark.
I did not take much notice of him," answered Sophia, "but I thought he seemed rather awkward, and ungenteel than otherwise.
Confined and awkward are still his soul and the wings of his spirit.
I must have physical exercise, or my temper'll certainly be ruined," he thought, and he determined he would go mowing, however awkward he might feel about it with his brother or the peasants.
It's a good scheme, too, but it makes it very awkward for me.
Try that sort of answer when your wife or your daughter next worries you with an awkward question at an awkward time, and depend on the natural sweetness of women for kissing and making it up again at the next opportunity.
They have firearms, it is true, but they are awkward and uncertain in their going off; and their powder has but little strength.
As I look at the full stream, the vivid grass, the delicate bright-green powder softening the outline of the great trunks and branches that gleam from under the bare purple boughs, I am in love with moistness, and envy the white ducks that are dipping their heads far into the water here among the withes, unmindful of the awkward appearance they make in the drier world above.