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Synonyms for awfulness

a quality of extreme unpleasantness

References in classic literature ?
Certainly, if the meteor kindled up the sky, and disclosed the earth, with an awfulness that admonished Hester Prynne and the clergyman of the day of judgment, then might Roger Chillingworth have passed with them for the arch-fiend, standing there with a smile and scowl, to claim his own.
He cowered in the midst of the milky water, as though the vastness were pressing in upon him with overwhelming force, brutally crushing him with its complacent awfulness.
At the last, with due emphasis, of solemnity and awfulness, he had killed a young pig with his shot-gun and promptly fainted.
He had never recovered from the initial horror caused by Balatta's female awfulness.
Then it was that the cruelty of the sea, its relentlessness and awfulness, rushed upon me.
And do you imagine he realizes all the awfulness of my position?
When he told me, I will own I did not realize all the awfulness of your position.
Mary put her hand over his mouth and began to chide him for his awfulness, whereupon he kissed the palm of her hand and put his head closer to hers.
Fang sat behind a bar, at the upper end; and on one side the door was a sort of wooden pen in which poor little Oliver was already deposited; trembling very much at the awfulness of the scene.
What I mean is,' pursued Georgiana, 'that Ma being so endowed with awfulness, and Pa being so endowed with awfulness, and there being so much awfulness everywhere--I mean, at least, everywhere where I am--perhaps it makes me who am so deficient in awfulness, and frightened at it--I say it very badly--I don't know whether you can understand what I mean?
As soon as it's set up that all the characters are still basically horrible people we can start the "oh god, no" hand slapping to the face as they go about their day-to-day awfulness.
The first will have an awful outcome, while the second will be infinitive awfulness.
This is an hour and a half of such eyewatering awfulness that you can't help but enjoy its cheesy charms.
The word despicable doesn't seem strong enough to describe the awfulness of this attack.
Mr Steel added: "There is a real flow to the story," says Mr Steel, "the idea is that we move together from the bewilderment of Maundy Thursday through the awfulness of Good Friday, wait with the disciples in their sadness on the Saturday, then rejoice in their happiness on Easter Sunday .