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They are awfully interested, certainly, in things we don't care much about.
I should like to wear nice things awfully, but I have always been told that a man should not think too much about his clothes.
Of course, I know the old governor had lots of friends on the Street, but he was never in a big way, and he got hit awfully hard himself before he died.
She's sick, and awfully sad; and she's at the hotel, and takes long walks.
She's awfully nice, and so's her husband--only they don't seem to know how nice each other is.
She was awfully pretty, and there was always a string of fellows after her.
You're awfully good and kind," she said, and then began hesitantly on what was bothering her.
Meanwhile Robert Webb as the groom is on autopilot, coasting along with his Peep Show shtick, while Hound's puppy-dog enthusiasm wears awfully thin awfully quickly.
Meanwhile, Robert Webb as the groom is coasting along on autopilot, while Hound's puppy-dog enthusiasm wears awfully thin, awfully quickly.
FOR many, launching their careers at the Playhouse was the start of an adventure - and for Beryl Bainbridge it proved an awfully big one.
When they offend grotesque aliens whose rituals involve awfully touchy-feely behavior, the aliens leave a beast on the ship, telling it, ``Kill them all
After listening to these people rant, the idea of bringing it back is awfully tempting.
But sometimes it seems awfully dark, and we're awfully blind, and groping is awfully anxious.
It became increasingly clear to me as I played through this music with the orchestrated accompaniment track CD cranked loud on my stereo (and having, I must admit, an awfully good time) that I would never actually teach this music to any student.
Once this distinguished military historian finishes with a subject, it is awfully hard for another author to take it up again.