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You can reclaim your awesomeness by choosing to listen to yourself from this moment forward and trusting what you have to say.
Babylon is celebrating its birthday marking the 15th birthday of awesomeness and crosses the threshold of 150 million users worldwide who use its dictionary and translation software.
However, coming from a famous family, she understands there are two sides to fame and told NME magazine: "Famous-ness is awesomeness but some parts of famous-ness can be hard.
Deep Gill and Lord's Rake, for instance capture the awesomeness and dangers near the summit of Scafell Pike.
Visitors walking through the Museums would witness artifacts that reflected the awesomeness of the Islamic civilization which dates back to the very early periods of Islam.
Throughout 15 levels of awesomeness, he takes on a seemingly never-ending onslaught of enemies, from the charging Sirian Werebulls to the screaming Headless Kamikazes.
And Antonio Pappano (no "look-at-me" histrionics from this conductor) marshalled everything unobtrusively and with an awareness both of the awesomeness of the material and the vigour of its delivery.
While she depicts the tension and the ever-present threat of violence simmering near the surface of ordinary life, she also captures the awesomeness of its ancient ties.
Resident Thrasher Hessian Texas-Dan-approved, Putrid's brain-exploding awesomeness has grown from a youthful germ of insanity with OCD-devotion and skill to worldwide popularity: skate and metal minions from as far as Scandanavia and Indonesia are disciples.
He dreams of glorious triumphs, in which onlookers were "blinded due to overexposure to pure awesomeness" but to whom he nevertheless extended the generous assurance: "There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.
Some chapters, particularly those describing his sojourns with the Navy and the Air Force, come across as little more than paeans to the awesomeness of the U.
Put positively, in saying that we are "more than" our brains, I took him to be emphasizing the awesomeness of the fact that experience could emerge from matter.
What later turned into conscious consideration of life's major issues, geared towards developing intellectual and emotional maturity, was triggered by having to ponder the awesomeness of capital punishment.
He proffers nonrepresentational structures so that the viewer can experience something like the mute awesomeness of shooting a tube, with full knowledge that a wave--uncaring because unconscious--would just as well wipe you out.
On the global level, for just the awesomeness of his taking this mantle on and for the impact it would have on our church.