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Awesome Savings on the Season's Most Popular Toys Whether gift-givers are shopping for tiny tots or trendy tweens, The Great Big Toys"R"Us Book of Awesome offers customers the reassurance that they can find precisely what they are looking for at a great value at Toys"R"Us.
Aasha Greensmith tweeted: "We used the #awesomefivers our pocket to make some memories &have donated PS5 to Awesome Alder Hey Children's Charity".
And when articulate Pete hiked up to the mountains he had no qualms announcing: "This is awesome.
I just thought it was really funny that Devon's father always called him Captain Awesome because 'a poor nickname builds good character,' " said the local Awesome, an out-of-work cabinet installer.
Stronach bred, owns and stands Awesome Of Course's sire Awesome Again.
For centuries regarded as perhaps the most powerful word in the English language, awesome eventually succumbed--not a bad word in itself--to abuse, inappropriate use, overuse and nearly-universal lack of respect.
Maybe we should take a tip from the British, and call everything ``brilliant'' -- however awesome such an undertaking would be in an era when most of us know more about Britney than Brits.
That was the price for the most awesome player in the game--a young Red Sox giant who could pitch better than anyone else and hit the most tremendous home runs ever witnessed by mankind.
Awesome Green is an inherently interesting modern analysis of the science of botany in general, and the physiobiology of plant-life in particular.
Awesome Products, a detergent and soap manufacturer, purchased the buildings, in addition to all of the corresponding manufacturing equipment.
The last section, entitled "The Message From the Ones," renders the terrible beauty of one who has been given the awesome responsibility of listening to the voices of spirits.
Humans made a mark without destroying nature, enhancing it by making a Euclidean statement on the raw wilderness, which made its mysteries more awesome and gave it dimension, direction, making it comprehensible.
Hanna and I had 10 awesome days together that cemented the beginnings of a lifelong friendship.
In a universe where bad is good and awesome is thank you and phat is almost orgasmic, gay means sad, weak, goofy, or pathetic beyond repair.
I'm always skeptical over words like awesome, monster, giant, and mega in the tides of videos, because rarely do the animals in the videos live up to those words.