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Synonyms for awe

Synonyms for awe

the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring or astounding

to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Synonyms for awe

an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration

a feeling of profound respect for someone or something

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Unlike traditional synthetic chemical water treatment, AWES products will rely primarily on natural processes to break down pollutants to elementary compounds to avoid harmful byproducts.
For the first time, attack helicopters have been instrumented to participate in force-on-force combat training maneuvers at the battle group level," said Gary Shrock, vice president in charge of Cubic's AWES program.
The AWES upgrade brings together two important programs that Cubic has been involved with - the Apache AH Mk.
AWES gives the British Army its first objective means of measuring troops' performance during large-scale military exercises.
We also look forward to supporting the evolving requirements for AWES for years to come.
AWES is the exercise control, position tracking and area weapons indirect-fire effects portion of the British Army's Enhanced Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system, a training system with features not found in any other combat training system in existence today.
The AWES system tracks each participant's and vehicle's position location with GPS technology while recording their weapons engagements, including "hits," "misses," "kills" and shooter-to-target pairing for after-action reviews.
Final delivery of the UK AWES system is scheduled for December 2002, with Canada deliveries to follow in 2003.
The system -- an integral part of AWES -- allows troops to fire laser-based "bullets" from their actual weapons, then scores and records their performance for AARs.
A successfully deployed AWES system will be the cornerstone for significant future business in the U.
AWES features fully integrated Tactical Engagement Simulation, including automated exercise data collection and analysis tools, direct-fire simulation effects, reliable field instrumentation, area weapons effects, and professional After Action Review (AAR) facilities.
The AWES infrastructure, which consists of three buildings and seven large communications towers and electronic shelters in the United Kingdom and Canada, is a significant portion of Cubic's AWES effort.
The new research found that by fixing the mind to the present moment, awe seems to slow down perceived time.
There was awe, no doubt, but ironically when the Mass itself began, it was anticlimactic.
The study, to be published in the journal Psychological Science, defines awe as something that is both vast (in size, scope, number, ability, or importance) and capable of altering one's view of the world.