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a grant made by a law court

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1988 was passed, which provided for the awarding of attorney's fees to a prevailing party in 1983 litigation.
In addition, the award cannot be disguised compensation: It cannot substitute for an earlier program of awarding cash bonuses; it cannot be given at the time of annual salary adjustments; it cannot discriminate in a way that favors highly paid employees; and its cost cannot be grossly disproportionate to its fair market value (FMV).
Awards were presented to all of the disk drive companies commemorating the shipment of the 2 billionth disk drive in 2004 as well as the awarding of the first ever Storage Industry Service Award named after and given posthumously to Gerry Nicklas, a long-standing and well respected promoter of storage and a friend of the Storage Visions Conferences.
Awarding and supporting techno-entrepreneurship is the core goal of the Tokyo-based Takeda Foundation.
In awarding its Gold Award for General Excellence among large circulation publications, the PPA said, "It would not be a complete exaggeration to say that the Boston Parents Paper is the New York Times of parenting publications.