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Synonyms for award

Synonyms for award

to give formally or officially

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

a memento received as a symbol of excellence or victory

Synonyms for award

a grant made by a law court

something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery

give, especially as an honor or reward

give as judged due or on the basis of merit


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As a government agency that provides funding, we have the role of developing technologies until they are ready for market decisions; to prepare for that stage, we manage and guide our awardees in both technical and commercial development.
The specific lecture topic will be the decision of the awardee, keeping in mind the purpose of the award.
ABO's Co-Chair, Arnold Sollar with ABO's 2005 Management Company of the Year Awardees are Carol Harrison and Zachary Kerr, M&R Management Company; ABO Co-Chair Michael Kerr
Piper Charitable Trust today announced the inaugural awardees of the Piper Trust Encore Prize.
A full list of the 2013 Urban Rebound Raleigh-Durham Awardees is available at
Adding to the misery is the Army's Sainik Welfare Board finding the family ineligible for any of the welfare schemes meant for gallantry awardees and veterans.
Once SBA receives the protest, it requires the awardee to submit detailed information about the company, and a response to the protest, within three working days.
Soetomo Press Institute, is this year's awardee for journalism, literature and creative communication arts.
The event was attended by renowned sports personalities from the CRPF, including Silver medalist of Asiad Khajan Singh, DIG and Inspector Geeta Rani, who is also an Arjuna Awardee.
For more information on the RAFI Triennial Awards and to check on the awardee or finalist nearest you, visit http://www.
The issuance of re-validated allotment letters to entitled awardee would be independent of payment of cash compensation.
ABO Co-Chair Arnold Sollar, with Emma Lazarus Awardee Debbie DeZego, First Vice President, HSBC
Agency reasonably rated awardee's performance risk lower than protester's where awardee had performed contracts similar to that contemplated by the solicitation while joint venture protester had not, and evaluation was otherwise in accordance with solicitation.
The NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program (WETP), in considering the development and application of advanced training technology (ATT) to worker safety and health training, has realized that there is a substantial challenge in translating this new technology to our awardee organizations.