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Synonyms for award

Synonyms for award

to give formally or officially

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

a memento received as a symbol of excellence or victory

Synonyms for award

a grant made by a law court

something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery

give, especially as an honor or reward

give as judged due or on the basis of merit


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fees under [section] 1988 are properly awardable to the defendant only
why the attorney's fees were properly awardable to the
However, other cases have held that fees for fees are not awardable pursuant to FLA.
48) Litigation costs become awardable and accrue at the time fees and costs are incurred to prepare the initial court pleading.
By distinguishing between enforcement of the lien claim, fees of which are awardable to the prevailing party under F.
8) As such, most federal decisions (and this article) focus on the standards applicable to the award of [section] 1927 sanctions because, if the sanctions are appropriate under [section] 1927, then they are also awardable under the court's inherent powers.
Therefore, the actual damages awardable to the Hellers pursuant to the FDUTPA violation should be measured in accordance with the formula set out in Raye.
1986) (treble damages awardable in a civil theft action were not available in an action sounding in breach of contract); cf.
400(c) provides that review of trial court orders assessing the amount of appellate attorneys' fees and costs awardable to a prevailing party "shall be by motion filed in the [appellate] court within 30 days of rendition.
1985) (On remand to claims court in patent infringement case and accounting phase thereof, held that under the "just compensation clause" of the Fifth Amendment that compounded prejudgment interest was awardable as to delay damages); and Federal Barge Lines, Inc.