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Synonyms for award

Synonyms for award

to give formally or officially

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

a memento received as a symbol of excellence or victory

Synonyms for award

a grant made by a law court

something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery

give, especially as an honor or reward

give as judged due or on the basis of merit


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Her efforts have previously resulted in recognition including the RIDAA's Barbara Bloomquist Award.
All Gold Quill winners are considered for the IABC Research Foundation's Jake Wittmer Research Award and for the Business Issue Award.
Award Fees Must Be Commensurate with Contractor Performance (GAO Recommendation 2)
Aldo Greco of Community First Financial Services was awarded with the Chamber's Volunteer of the Year Award, recognizing his outstanding commitment and contribution to the Chamber over the years.
Created in 1997, the Phoenix Award honors individuals and groups who are working to solve the critical environmental challenge of transforming abandoned industrial areas into productive new uses.
VFA-34 received the CVW-17 Top Hook Award for the first line period of its combat deployment in 2004.
The Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award perpetuates the memory of Melvin Mooney, the developer of the Mooney viscometer and other testing equipment, by honoring Rubber Division members who have exhibited exceptional technical competency by making significant and repeated contributions to rubber science and technology.
The American Camping Association presents Honor Awards to recognize meritorious service.
On the other hand, anyone who has eked out a living in show business out here and hasn't won some kind of award yet, well - what are you waiting for?
The Del Boutin Division Service Award is presented to pulp and paper or affiliate members for devoted service to a PIMA Division.
The WBCA Administrator of the Year Award is presented annually to an administrator, athletic director, associate or assistant athletic director, or senior woman administrator who has promoted women's basketball in a positive manner through clinics, speaking engagements, books, articles, research and/or special promotions at the local, regional and/or national levels, and who has served as a professional role-model for student athletes.
The first asks if the underlying cause of action leading to an award is the result of a tort or tort-like claim; the second test asks if the damages awarded are "on account of a personal injury or sickness.
Half of the award was for his actual physical injuries and the remainder was punitive as a result of repeated unsafe working conditions in the plant.
With a contingency fee, the plaintiff's attorney takes a certain percentage of the damage award, usually 30 to 50 percent, but receives no monetary compensation if the plaintiff loses.