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He watched the blacks scatter their cook fire and depart; but though the face of each of them had but recently been as familiar to him as his own, they awakened within him no recollections whatsoever.
The reader may inform himself of her answer, and, indeed, of her whole behaviour to the end of the scene, by considering the situation which she affected, it being that of a modest lady, who was awakened out of her sleep by three strange men in her chamber.
When, awakened from his sleep, he received that cold, peremptory note from Kutuzov, he felt the more irritated the more he felt himself to blame.
Ellis examines the intersection of religion, politics, and culture among Prussian Protestant revivalists, known as the Awakened, between 1816 and 1857.
Now, four individuals find within themselves the power of lycanthropy awakened, the Wolf, Boar, Tiger and Rat.
Synopsis: "The Awakened Psychic: What You Need to Know to Develop Your Psychic Abilities" by award-winning author, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker Kala Ambrose is a guide to developing inner psychic and tuning in to intuitive wisdom.
From a basic review of how inner guidance and genius works to receiving and interpreting divine messages and awakening clairvoyant and supernatural gifts, this covers classic inhibitions, what it means to tune into the spiritual world, and what to do with the forces successfully awakened.
The Muslims have awakened and begun their mission based on three important principles; "returning to pure Islam" which could triumph great powers of the time during the early days of its emergence; "unity in Islamic world" that imperialism and colonialism have been trying to undermine through using "divide and rule" among Muslim schools of thought; and fighting the hegemony of the arrogant powers.
Those who are feeling stressed, lost or burnt out from life have the ability to become spiritually awakened if they have the right tools.
Her senses are awakened to the feeling that she is not leading the life she wants, and she begins to feel that the "anchorage of marriage" is stifling her.
Monday, hundreds of lightning strikes and booming thunder claps awakened Antelope Valley residents.
10 Annuals of Neurology that she reported no dreams, even when awakened during REM sleep, a reliable procedure for dream recall.
The early chapters, as the evil is awakened in the graveyard, are haunting and suspenseful, but the real story is about Solomon's awakening.
Initially the child may be awakened four or five times a night.
That is exactly what Phosphor Games Studio hopes to offer gamers with Project Awakened, their genre-defying PC video game debuting today as a new Kickstarter campaign.