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Synonyms for awake

not sleeping


awake to


  • alert to
  • aware of
  • on the lookout for
  • alive to
  • attentive to
  • on the alert for
  • observant of
  • watchful of
  • on guard to
  • on your toes to
  • heedful of
  • vigilant of

Synonyms for awake

to cease sleeping

to induce or elicit (a reaction or emotion)

not in a state of sleep

marked by comprehension, cognizance, and perception

Synonyms for awake

not in a state of sleep

mentally perceptive and responsive

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Him thought he by the brook of Cherith stood, And saw the ravens with their horny beaks Food to Elijah bringing even and morn-- Though ravenous, taught to abstain from what they brought; He saw the Prophet also, how he fled Into the desert, and there he slept Under a juniper--then how, awaked, He found his supper on the coals prepared, And by the Angel was bid rise and eat, And eat the second tie after repose, The strength whereof sufficed him forty days: Sometimes that with Elijah he partook, Or as a guest with Daniel at his pulse.
This was applied by some person to the political state of things at the present, and accordingly applauded by them--a circumstance which immediately awaked indignation in the greater part of the audience, and a general hiss followed which lasted for some moments, and completely triumphed over the most violent efforts of those who had first made the application.
It sounds like what we would probably say if awaked by a couple of strangers asking for a room.
Cervantes playfully toyed with the fictional "fact" that Don Quijote, a novel presented as a new and true history, had awaked some interests beyond the Hapsburg Monarchy in particular in China.
It begins as a screed against "business," and touches on a telling image: "I am awaked almost every night by the panting of the locomotive.
the horrid sound Has raised up his head; As awaked from the dead, And amazed, he stares around.
falters in his gait, as if just awaked out of sleep, or uncertain of his
Riot police arrived at the scene long after the protesters were about to end their attack and threats, which awaked attention.
The sleepy town that was ravaged by the earthquake was suddenly awaked by the sound of gongs, the music, the dances and most of all, the story of each play.
and suddenly regained her consciousness as her son awaked her.
In a dissonantly similar incident in May 2004, his wife, who heard a car in their driveway in Nelspruit, South Africa, awaked former Springbok rugby player Rudi Visagie, CNN.
Brief is the night that covers me, till the angel is awaked.
the Christian world" and "hath awaked and re-authorized the
In this case, freedom through emigration takes a different turn as her self-fulfilment is not social and economical, but emotional and of ambition: "she was awaked one morning by the whinnying of her horse with the full light of dawn in her face, saw herself surrounded by tall sequoias that, like centenary guards, had watched over her sleep, by gentle hills and, far in the distance, purple mountaintops: at that moment she was filled with an atavistic happiness that was entirely new.
The poor farmer of Cholistan has awaked from a 50-year bad dream and now Cholistan is not ready to become a hunting ground for the ruling elites and rather it will now become an altar for the oppressors.