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Synonyms for awake

not sleeping


awake to


  • alert to
  • aware of
  • on the lookout for
  • alive to
  • attentive to
  • on the alert for
  • observant of
  • watchful of
  • on guard to
  • on your toes to
  • heedful of
  • vigilant of

Synonyms for awake

to cease sleeping

to induce or elicit (a reaction or emotion)

not in a state of sleep

marked by comprehension, cognizance, and perception

Synonyms for awake

not in a state of sleep

mentally perceptive and responsive

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Inhalation induction with the maintenance of spontaneous ventilation has been used as an alternative to awake intubation.
Among the money worries keeping people awake, 51 per cent said it was due to not being able to pay an unexpected bill and 46 per cent not being able to pay off loans or credit.
Newly upgraded Berry Awake is a proprietary blend of green coffee berries extract, guarana seed extract, bacopa leaf extract and ginseng that delivers natural energy with a powerful blend of superfruits for an energy blast that lasts for hours and features an added boost of energy from 2,000 mg of pea protein.
In their application, the party's proposed descriptions were Scotland Awake The Real Nationalist Party, Scotland Awake Start Repatriation Stop Immigration and Scotland Awake Your Last Chance.
We are able to provide this with new great-tasting Berry Awake.
The main anesthesia regimen for craniotomy in awake patients is chosen to provide the appropriate analgesia, sedation, systemic hemodynamic stability and airway patency for the type of neurosurgical procedure being carried out.
In suspected difficult airway circumstances, awake ETI should be done5.
When measuring changes in the fluid between brain cells, Nedergaard and colleagues realized that ion changes followed predictable patterns: Potassium ion levels are high when mice (and presumably people) are awake and drop during sleep.
Salts in our brain decide whether we are asleep or awake.
THE POTENTIAL FOR intimacy--for truly being in relationship--is always available," Koshin Paley Ellison and Matt Weingast write in the introduction to their new anthology, Awake at the Bedside, "but it can reach another level toward the end of life.
A new "hypnosedation" technique offers a new alternative for patients undergoing awake surgery for gliomas, suggests a study in the January issue of Neurosurgery, official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, published by Wolters Kluwer.
Being nocturnal means hamsters are awake at night and sleep during the day.
com)-- NuBody Concepts of Tennessee offers Awake Abdominoplasty.
INTRODUCTION: Awake craniotomy for epilepsy surgery has been routine for many years.