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  • verb

Synonyms for await

be in store for


  • be in store for
  • wait for
  • be ready for
  • lie in wait for
  • be in readiness for

Synonyms for await

Synonyms for await

look forward to the probable occurrence of

References in classic literature ?
We had come almost to the cliff-edge where Juag should be awaiting us when we saw two men walking rapidly toward the same spot from another direction.
After five months of play, Pinocchio wakes up one fine morning and finds a great surprise awaiting him
But, my children, there came a morning when Pinocchio awoke and found a great surprise awaiting him, a surprise which made him feel very unhappy, as you shall see.
Awaiting sentence, disqualified from driving in interim.
Burgon, of Field House Farm, Dalton Piercy, Hartlepool, vanished while awaiting trial at Teesside Crown Court for a string of child sex offences.
According to an official notification issued here by the provincial government, the PAS officer in BS-21, Rana Naseer Ahmed, who was awaiting posting order, has been posted as the Chairman, Chief Minister Inspection Team (CMIT) while Naseer Ahmed Baloch (BSS/B-21), who was serving as the Secretary Social Welfare department, has been transferred and posted as the Secretary Labour and Manpower department.
A total of 342 people were imprisoned and awaiting trial in Wales as of September 30 this year - an increase of 49 on the previous year.
Efforts resulted in reducing yesterday the number of patients at the Accidents and Emergency Department awaiting beds at regular wards from 39 to 20 cases.
Here's an extract of what he says: At the end of May there were 7,962 patients within the UK awaiting an organ transplant.
org, which offers a photo listing of children awaiting adoption.
Similarly, staff of the national office of the Anglican Church of Canada, its mission dioceses and partners are awaiting a decision about where the national church budget will be cut.
Of the other members,one is awaiting trial charged with attacking a member of rival gang B,another is charged with a petrol bomb attack, a third with possession of class A drugs and a serious wounding,and a fourth is serving a nine-year sentence for grievous bodily harm.
During summer 2003, a DAU team provided exceptional performance support and rapid response to the Army's request for immediate instructional assistance for soldiers awaiting deployment orders, with an immediate need for training in both the CON-100 arena and in CON-234 (Contingency Contracting).
Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Fort Blue, Not a mechanic was happy, awaiting some clue.
The parallel is striking between the swelling African slave trade, where one tribal society made war on another in order to send slave coffles westward to the awaiting ships on the east side of the Atlantic, and the Indian slave trade where one Indian society made war on another in order to send slaves eastward to the awaiting ships on the west side of the Atlantic.