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  • verb

Synonyms for await

be in store for


  • be in store for
  • wait for
  • be ready for
  • lie in wait for
  • be in readiness for

Synonyms for await

Synonyms for await

look forward to the probable occurrence of

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As I Await the Hunt" (190 pages, ISBN: 978-1512391244) is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Audible and iTunes.
We eagerly await Pope Francis to strengthen us as Jesus once told Peter, "I have prayed for you that your own faith may not fail, and you, when once you have turned back, strengthen your brothers" (Luke 22:32).
Should Await The Dawn emerge triumphant, he would be achieving top-flight success at the very first attempt.
And with Await The Dawn also odds on today, the chances are he will continue his superb run in the race to give son Joseph a first British Group One victory.
Five victories from six starts perhaps tells its own story as Aidan O'Brien has slowly, but most assuredly, stepped up Await The Dawn from seven furlongs to a mile and a half.
There is hope for the future, great hope, and a rich and rewarding life awaits them.
Local production houses, busy with series television and one-off documentaries, await the new funds for indigenous features promised by the federal government.
Closings on the remaining seven ALFs, proceeds from which will approximate $60 million, await regulatory, financing, or construction completion approvals.
The negative outcomes of not being able to await one's proper turn range from name-calling to pushing to actual fighting.
As of this date, 8 units have been deployed and await activation.
Similarly, many Episcopalians await the June ACC meeting in Nottingham, which their representatives will attend as observers only, their voices silenced for now.
Much work remains to be done on the building--electric cables and water pipes still protrude from ceilings waiting to be covered up, bathroom fixtures have yet to be installed, staircases await their banisters, and the elevators are not yet operational.
NEW ORLEANS -- Hibernia National Bank (NYSE:HIB) is providing lines of credit to small businesses affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita to help them begin recovery efforts while they await longer-term assistance.
10,441 Hispanics await a kidney transplant 2,692 Hispanics await a liver transplant 99 Hispanics await a pancreas transplant 247 Hispanics await a kidney/pancreas transplant 267 Hispanics await a heart transplant 168 Hispanics await a lung transplant 17 Hispanics await a heart/lung transplant 32 Hispanics await an intestinal transplant *In 2004: Of 7,150 deceased donors, 949 were Hispanic (approximately 13%) Of 7,004 living donors, 878 were Hispanic (approximately 12%) 27,036 persons received organ transplants.