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Synonyms for avow

Synonyms for avow

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avow

to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

admit openly and bluntly


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Sing Lee who stood just without the trap door through which he was about to pass Professor Maxon's evening meal to him could not be blamed for overhearing the conversation, though it may have been culpable in him in making no effort to divulge his presence, and possibly equally unpraiseworthy, as well as lacking in romance, to attribute the doctor's avowal to his knowledge of the heavy chest.
She was not so much surprised into the avowal, as induced to make it by a sudden calculation.
Giles had not, at first, been able to bring his mind to the avowal, that he had only shot a boy.
And my Jed stood before me now," cried Tasor, "and my avowal could be made without violating his confidence, I should cast my sword at his feet and beg the high privilege of dying for him as my sire died for his sire.
I knew," was Gahan's only comment, but his heart was glad with elation, as a lover's must be who has heard from the lips of his divinity an avowal of interest and loyalty, however little tinged by a suggestion of warmer regard it may be.
He had striven to put a cheat upon himself by making the avowal of a guilty conscience, but had gained only one other sin, and a self-acknowledged shame, without the momentary relief of being self-deceived.
In such a case, a plain and open avowal of his difficulties would have been more to his honour I think, as well as more consistent with his general character;--but I will not raise objections against any one's conduct on so illiberal a foundation, as a difference in judgment from myself, or a deviation from what I may think right and consistent.
On the day when foreign succor follows in the train of a king to replace him on his throne, it is an avowal that he no longer possesses the help and love of his own subjects.
Henry, in having such things to relate of his father, was almost as pitiable as in their first avowal to himself.
I do not blame you for loving him, Thuvia,' she said; 'and that your affection for him is pure and sincere I can well believe from the candour of your avowal of it to me.
I fully expected an explosion of anger to follow this bold avowal of my plans for the next day.
Amid parody impersonations aimed at his political rivals and avowals of 'Nawaz Sharif loves you from the core of his heart', the former prime minister asked that if the masses had made him prime minister, how could five people [on the Supreme Court bench] expel him.
In fairness, President Duterte has kept to his public avowals he would not interfere with the internal affairs of a co-equal branch of government like Congress.
Alas, they are and were themselves brainwashed masters and members of their respective fraternity organizations, framed and fashioned by their avowals and creeds in the 'brotherhood,' molded by fraternities from their student years and as professionals prior to entering 'public service.
Denial of statements and retreat from avowals is the characteristic of this politician who is an expert of mendacity', he added.