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Synonyms for avow

Synonyms for avow

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avow

to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

admit openly and bluntly


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Mr Sargeant had said he could not intervene while there was still a possibility of AVOW appealing against the judgement.
Patrick and Norris, through an Avow spokeswoman, declined to comment but referred questions to their attorney, Cal McCastlain of Little Rock, who was unavailable for comment.
Based on that, Forza came up with Avow, Allen said, which, to him, means to "stand up and declare something to be right.
Mr Colbourne was unhappy with how the vote was conducted for Avow to take over the Plas Madoc Communities First project claiming board members had been "parachuted in" to get it through beforehand.
In evidence he referred to her poor performance, but failed to give any examples - the tribunal described it as a "smokescreen" to hide the fact he simply did not want her working for AVOW.
I learned from the Jesuits not just to accept what is given to you but to think about it," he told The Advocate during rehearsals for Avow (by Bill C.
THE AVOW trustees wish to respond to the significant inaccuracies in the letter printed in the Daily Post 3rd June under the heading 'AVOW must not forget its roots' signed by Mary Q.
But there were criticisms over an alleged lack of consultation over the take over, claims nobody else had been allowed to bid and questions whether AVOW was a suitable organisation.
As a supporter and long term volunteer in the Wrexham area voluntary sector, I was rather surprised to read this item in AVOWs latest newsletter received on Tuesday, May 31 distributed to all AVOWs members and others: "Discussions are ongoing with the Welsh Assembly Govt (WAG) to transfer the projects and services of Plas Madoc Communities First (PMCF) to AVOW.
AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham), Welsh Assembly Government and Plas Madoc Communities First have been in talks to find a way of safeguarding the funding coming into Plas Madoc.
Mrs Williams, Avow acting deputy chief officer, said: "The 3rd sector has extremely good working relations with the Local Health Board and the local authority in Wrexham "We are anxious to ensure there are appropriate mechanisms in place to enable us to engage with the NHS in the future structures.
Avow officers said it can also act as a stepping-stone for people back into employment.
Wendy Smith, trustee and chairwoman of the panel, said: "The fund has now been running for over four years and Avow has distributed over pounds 400,000 to over 75 organisations.
A total of pounds 21,462 was shared amongst the organisations from the Wrexham Community Facilities and Activities Fund, funded by the Welsh Assembly and administered locally by AVOW.
Jane has a hard time accepting the fantasy setting in which she has landed, even after she soars with Peter and the Lost Boys, but she comes around in time to be anointed the first ``Lost Girl'' (in a delightful number, ``So to Be One of Us'' by They Might Be Giants), to avow her belief in Tinkerbell and to rescue Peter Pan from Hook and his pirates.